DATE: 09-25-1999
VENUE: The Hub Cafe, Fullerton,CA

Review by LOB, Photos by Morgan Faulkner

I arrived at this hidden gem of a coffee house a little early.. so that i would get a good solid spot to check out the bands from.. I was instantly impressed that this fine venue carried Jolt Cola. Anyplace that stocks Jolt get mega points in my book.. the stage space was located outside in a little patio area (attached the to "80's Arcade", another Wonderful treat i discovered that night..), with high brick walls behind the stage space to keep the sound pinned in one direction.. outdoor venues in Orange County are pretty rare.. so i was very well pleased.. the first band that went on was called ES TELAR, a trio..2 guitarists and a drummer, no bass. They were pretty good.. filled with great time changes which made me think they sounded somewhere between Thinking Fellers Union and Phish..one of the guitarist played the guitar as a bass, playing thru bass equipment, giving the guitar a much deeper sound and filling the need for low end in thier songs. I bought thier CD. The next band was the one i actually came to see, [STLJ photo by Morgan Faulkner] SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY, frm Chicago...Unfortunatly the PA was plagued with trouble and thier set was brought to an early end after only 3 songs (shit!). The vocalist and Sax player for STLJ, Steve, is a POWERHOUSE on stage..diving from gnarly slashing sax riffs into screaming vocals and back again.. he is awsome to watch.. this band has a sound like Fugazi meeting John Zorn at a Chicago school of free jazz.. dont miss them if you get the chance. [STLJ, photo by Morgan Faulkner]
Last on the bill was RADAR, which seemed to be the local favorite. Another trio, they took the stage all wearing the color blue (i was told they always wear blue) and the dived into a soft fluid emotional melody that was soon blackened by the evil trouble with the PA...and still they went on.. with the PA cutting into and in and out of thier set.. it was humorous to see them continue even though no one had a clue what they were saying..they keyboard player, Brandon, went on like nothing was wrong.. and thier singer/guitarist, Craig, thrashed about on the stage like young Elvis Presley meets Lux Interior.. He smashed a TV into the ground in front of the stage (i was told they smash alot of TV's).. one of the local coffee heads walked by a little later, and noticing the TV, picked it up and smashed it to the ground again.. AUDIENCE PARTICPATION.. very good! i had a great time.. i would see any of these bands again. --