TITLE: SEPARTE FAITH -- Sacred and Profane LIVE
AVAILBLE FROM: Strength Through Joy Video , P.O. Box 82435, Portland, OR 97282

Rev. Paul Mathers / LOB

There are so many different ways to effectively film something to make it scary and disturbing to the viewer. Unfortunately, none of them were employed in the production of this video. I feel bad having to write this nasty review for what sounded like competent industrial music, but there were moments while watching this video that I wondered if my friend Lob wasn't playing a practical joke on me. The first segment is a guy being crucified in extremely low light. It might have been cool looking if one of the crucifiers hadn't been wearing a Gotcha surf wear T-shirt. In fact, in all of the action segments, it looked like the first walk through rehearsal of a play. These people seemed to know nothing about filming a theatrical production. This film would focus on nothing for ten minutes while music played!
The second segment was a long shot of a guy in a wheelchair in a room with a television with a guy laying on the floor with stage blood spattered on the front of his shirt. And that was it!!! They just sat there for about ten minutes while grindy industrial music played. It was torture to watch for all of the wrong reasons. The remaining half an hour of video seemed to be all poor recordings of live performances. I watched the whole thing and, without exaggeration, about 90% of the time I had no idea what was going on. I could tell that there were people on stage doing things, but it was lit so poorly and shot on such crappy film that you're looking at a black grainy screen that jerks around a light and pans over to a piece of plastic covering the wall. Then, you'll think you see some guy laying in stage blood and somebody picks up a piece of kelp and starts whipping them with it. This sounds a lot cooler than it looks. I think that it was supposed to be entrails they bought at the butcher shop or they had actually pulled out of the guy on stage. I didn't care because they didn't let me care. It alienated the audience in all of the wrong ways. It's a half assed piece of film by people who look like they should know better. I hated having my time wasted and I suggest none of you make the same mistake. Like I said, if you buy a cd of their music, it's your standard, Skinny Puppy rehash of industrial music played by decent musicians. I really think they all ought to go to the nearest community college and take AT LEAST the most basic film class before they put out another video. Maybe they'd have something then.

okay.. so i gave this video to paul to reveiw, because i didnt have a TV.. and he did , so i thought i would let him check it out.. and then he said all these awful things.. and i just had to see for myself..and well. yes this is an low budget video done by un-professionals.. what gets me is that he expected it to be professional?? i dunno.. also i think that maybe he just hasnt seen very many underground video...so my quick add on review to this.. is that it reminded me of early work from SLEEP CHAMBER, which seemed to be the feel the entire video was going for anyways.. so if you like OLD Sleep Chamber.. you may like this.. but dont get too excited.. there isnt any flesh shots to jerk off to.. -- [LOB]