SITE TITLE: EMRL= Experimental Media Research Laboratory


Welcome to the cyber home of the creative/productive media services force known as EMRL.
And please step inside!!!
The EMRL philosophy adheres to the "form follows function" approach to design and production, thereby applying their careful and practical approach to the process of a multitude of services offered, including:
Audio Production
Film/Video Production
Image Restoration
Graphic Design
Screen Printing
Photo and Film Archiving and Restoration
And if you can believe it, there's more - 3d Modeling and Animation as well as Computer and Network Services. Endless possibilities!
The site takes you on a tour of each of the services offered and explicates all of the means available presently as well as a look into the future.
Good graphics and easy to navigate make for a positive exploration of the EMRL universe.
And make sure to meet the staff, including the very lovely lounging Fatima, who most certainly knows that she is the backbone of the entire operation! Very, very inspiring.