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well's a little page for the whole family... a nice, lovable noisy family that is!!! I always like a site that greets me with a big GUN to click on for entry. i'm an adventuress, so I wasted no time double clicking.
The site is presented by folks that really know and love their experimental/noise/industrial sounds--enough so that it warms the heart and brings a clang to the ears.
The REVIEWS section provides a hearty selection of music from Autopsia all the way down to Zoviet France with all the good stuff in between like Muslimgauze, Coil, Merzbow, Nurse With Wound, and Organum to name a few. These are not traditional reviews persay by the extenebrae hosts, but links to informational sources for said artists and reviews on those sites.
The PHOTO GALLERY currently offers photos from two shows that happened at the end ov 1998 in NYC; Merzbow/Alec Empire and Cock E.S.P. and promises photos ov the Einsturzende Neubaten show ov December, 1999 which I sadly missed due to my jet-setting lifestyle.
There is a calendar ov events for noise HAPPENINGS in NYC. This section is a bit on the slight side, but that is no fault ov this site, unfortunately it's due to the minimal amount of music events of the experimental nature in this you experimentalists PLEASE don't be afraid to bring yer cacophonous selves out to the big apple. There are plenty ov us who will be glad to assist your endeavors.
And finally, the site offers a general OTHER RESOURCES option that features links to labels and sources for the music featured on this site such as AMOEBA, RRR RECORDS, WORLD SERPENT and gives you a buy/sell/trade section where a small selection ov old favourites (like PWEI and Art of Noise--feel like dancin'?) can be purchased on the cheap side!!!!! so there, GO THERE!!!

[editors note: as of 2005, this site is no longer active, so you cant go there..but we thought we would share this review anyways. -/\- ]