* EDITOR and Mystic Master - Lob
* Webmaster - Bassman
* aArt Direction and all around support - Phish Blackler
Lob, Mason Jones, John Eden/[JE], Steven Hastings Paige, Kenny, Charles Ardinger V/[CA5], Salad, Reverend Paul Mathers, Bassman

Mason Jones is a musician, artist, and writer who has released a handful of CDs under the name Trance as well as his own name. He's a member of experimental-psych-rockers SubArachnoid Space, and the fellow behind the Charnel Music label and Ongaku Otaku magazine. Visit http://www.charnel.com for the secrets behind the facade.
[JE],John Eden director ov thee U.K. project and publications of "Turbulence", spokes-person for the Autonomous Astronauts Association (A.A.A.),and audio expresionist enthusiast from England.
[CA5], Charles Ardinger 5 is a writer and poet from Orange County, CA..he is a member of the experimental band Thee Ahmish and has his own noise/word project that he calls "Fraud"
Steven Hastings Paige is a very articulate individual who has created a web page and publication called The Sound Tantras Workbook. He is a guest writer for us this issue with his introduction to his theories and ideas regarding sexuality and sound.
[SALAD] is a world traveler...he is a member of Thee Ahmish, mostly reffered to as the loudest member. Salad currently lives in Lakewood, CA
Reverend Paul Mathers is a minister of the Universal Life Church, a raving lunatic of a poet, an actor, the percussionist for Thee Ahmish, and a hella fun individual to know.
Bassman is Thee Instagon Foundation webmaster.. any problems with the workings (not the contents) of these pages should be directed at him, as well as any comments he might write...and yes, Bassman is also part of that OC supergourp Thee Ahmish
kenny is our correspondent in San Francisco. If you want your SF event reviewed, contact him. He has a audio project called Dr. Oblivious.
Phish Blackler has been most incredibly helpful with this zine.. none of the images used in this issue of CAUTION, would be here without her artistic imput and extreme generosity of time and software..thanks Phish
Lob is the editor of this fine cyber rag.. he has been involved in the So. Cal experimental music/noise scene since the late 1980's, in 1993 he co-founded the T.O.P.Y. based sound deamon project INSTAGON and later that year Thee Instagon Foundation.
C A U T I O N is a CyberPublication ov Thee Instagon Foundation. All Comments should be directed to the Editor of this zine at caution-editor@tif.org
Any items for review, or snail mail correspondance should be send to:
CAUTION c/o TIF, PO Box 894, Huntington Bch, CA 92648-0894, USA

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