CASSETTE - 1996 - Thee Instagon Foundation - TIF034
**** limited to 100 hand numbered copies ****

* Burroughs Intro/WSB11.93
* Zool Is God
* Will We Ever Know
* Press Fast Forward
* More Musicus
* Drak
* Strange Brew
* Prod (Featuring Opus23)
* Whoever Makes Thee Most Noise Wins (1st Movement)
* Ego Intro#
* Garbage Dump#
* Get Smart (Edited Version)

* All tracks are by Instagon, except # are songs by Charles Manson
* each package hand assembled, designed, & w/ liner notes written by Lob
* outside original color cover art done by Kevin Michael Regan
* inside Jcard original art work done by June Phetish ov Phetish Designs

players included on this release are :
Lob , Peek, Myke Quest, Christopher tm, Dan Young, George Malek, Robert Fisher, Opus23, Thad Matson, Jeff Whitaker, Brian McDonald, Drak, Cary Pealer, Phish Blackler, Michael Zittel, Angela LaFlame, and others we've forgotten..

this is a 60 minute cassette limted to 100 copies in a special baggie package designed by Lob...featureing and including original art by Kevin Michael Regan of So. Pasadena..and June Phetish ov TOPY..also includes a short original piece of writing from Lob.. and LOTS ov NOISE...

Reviewed by KUSH

Instagon: On Thee Path to Thee Golden Bird
Well. It's Instagon. The Psychick Youth Division down in Hungtington Beach dishes out a wierd sampling ov their earlier material, which, i honestly feel, can't compare to their superb "methoozella" tape which they sent me a while back. But this tape shows how they came. The first side mangels in wierd slap scapes ov entrail flying and odd positioned mashed heads and potatoe slop dop flying on you. The Mood overall is that ov NO mood, the mood ov mood, or something. just straight up odditiies. the only damn thing i didn't like abaout the tape was the rehashed Charles Manson songs, except the good one, "garbage dump" . it's not like cuase they MMmm, it's a long story, don't get Instagon confuseed with some wannabe bullshit. it's a reason email them and ask them why. I knwo that you should check out their Previous effort "methoozella" ,Methoozella more than this if you like more chaos than this did provide but both sure did me in man. what splendid mash man!

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