INSTAGON was started in 1993 as a musical experiment in thee United States, by members ov Thee Temple of Psychick Youth North America (TOPYNA), to becoum counter-part to thee UK TOPY ensamble called Psychick TV (PTV). Shortly there after PTV disbanded and thee networking between thee two groups became fuedal. Members ov thee TOPY North America Access Point called BABYLON ov this era are responsible for thee birth ov thee deamon, Instagon, although artist/creatist LOB tends to be held as the founder or creator ov thee project. At this time Instagon was mostly a NOISE outfit with occasional excursions into tribal percussion. In 1997, Instagon started playing "band" based shows and exploring jazz and chaos theories together..

LOB & thee project called "INSTAGON" have been performing since 1993, in that time Instagon has performed over 715 shows with over 700 different participants IN the band.
(as of Summer 2016)

Instagon uses musical theories ov Jazz and "Jam" music to approach garage rock from a new side..creating something new, very vital and extremely different.. a fusion ov progressive rock, drunge punk, and jamming, interlaced with CHAOS THEORY to create "Garage Jazz".. Instagon is NEVER THE SAME ENSAMBLE TWICE...thee show is something fresh for thee people ON thee stage, as well as thee audience.. Once a performace ov Instagon has ended it is gone..and can never be repeated.. hence thee name INSTA-GON..

In 2005 Instagon moved from its long time stomping grounds of Orange County in Southern California and relocated to the community of Sacramento in the Northern California region. Instagon continues to play shows and never repeat the same ensemble. In 2006 Instagon started playing more NOISE based performances, returning to the roots and where Instgon came from musically in the early days... but still also playing garage jazz sets as well.. diversity and improvisation always pushing Instagon to new places..