.................... SET LISTS: 2005

TOTAL SHOWS IN 2005 : 13


01-15-2005 -- CLAMSHELL, LONG BEACH, CA...................SAT - SHOW 408
  1. Invokation>Pain*>Joyride, Speed>Speedwobble, Cows*, Thela Hun Ginjeet**,
    Spider, Jazz for Satan,Sickness tease, Learning to Dance*,
    Red Planet Landing>My Little Red Planet>Bela#, Space Walk>Deamon's Tube,
    noodle408, Thee Little Turtle>Thruster, Scott's Desert Oasis>Forward(slow start),
    7 Nation Army***, Thee Sickness>GarageJazz>Shut Down+ (110:00)

* featuring and words by G.Murray Thomas
** song by King Crimson
*** song by The White Stripes
# song by Bauhaus
+ song by The Germs

LOB (lead bass), CARY PEALER (drums,congas), G.MURRAY THOMAS (vocals), SCOTT HEUSTIS (guitar, midi guitar), TIMOTHY CLARK (2nd bass), ALEXIS MARIE JONES[Pealer] (violin), MORGAN ASHLEY HOWORTH (violin), LINDA STRONG (tamborine)

04-23-2005 -- RAIN, COSTA MESA, CA..................................SAT - SHOW 409

Invokation>Red Planet Landing>My Little Red Planet, They Knew*,
Pink Panther>Shut Down>Pink Panther, Deamon's Tube, Space Walk,
Rock Lobster, Sex Bomb

* song by Delayed Sleep, 1st time played

LOB (lead bass), CARY PEALER (drums), SEAN "yod" CAMPEAU (guitar), DAN KAUFMAN (guitar), ZACK OLSEN (theremin)
also were THE WORLD, and others.

05-21-2005 -- HQ, SACRAMENTO, CA....................................SAT - SHOW 410

1. Woundage

LOB (lead bass), JOHN FRANK (springs & motors), BRYAN OLSON (toy tools)

06-12-2005 -- 110 CAPP ST./ GODWAFFLE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA...............SAT - SHOW 411

1. Insta-Box or Stimstagon

LOB (bass), TIM OLIVERAS [Stimbox] (pedals / tablecore)
w / Vaccum Tree Head, Midmight Food Veyer, Spider Compass Good Crime Band

06-18-2005 -- THE HAMPTONS, 4001 SAN LEANDRO, OAKLAND, CA...........SAT --
SHOW 412

  1. Invokation>My Little Red Planet>Spider tease>Deamon's Tube, Set The Controls>Bela, Thee Sickness,
    Dazed & Confused>The Pink Panther>Thee Sickness>Dazed & Confused>Thee Little Turtle>
    Spider, Rock Lobster>Sex Bomb>Frogs in Space>Forward (89:00)

LOB (lead bass), DR. OBLIVOUS (keyboards), CHRIS VAN HUFFLE (drums), DON RAWLIN (guitar), XRS CUNNINGHAM (guitar)
w/ klowd, and Dynamic Ribbon Device

08-13-2005 -- LUNA'S CAFE, SACRAMENTO, CA.....................SAT -- SHOW 413

Invokation ov NOISE>Into Thee NOISE Factory>Thee Sickness, Deamon's Tube>NOISE>Shut Down (w/ NOISE)

LOB(lead bass,effects), MATT KRETZMANN (guitar, effects, recorder flute), JIM WILLIG (drums), LYDIA CLARK-FRANK (clarinet)

NorCal NoiseFest PRE-FEST event #1
w/ Leporidae, SMITE!, Products ov Discordia, Audio Emetic
Fidel Castro's 79th bithday.

08-28-2005 -- 110 CAPP ST./ GODWAFFLE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA.......SUN - SHOW 414

1. Accapella Noise / Thee Voice ov Godwaffle

* last accapella set was 9/19/98 (241 shows)

LOB (vocals), PEEK (vocals), DR. OBLIVIOUS (vocals), TIM OLIVERAS [Stimbox] (vocals), JOHN FRANK [klowd] (vocals), BILL BURG [smite!] (vocals)


w / Smite!, Leporidae, The Roving Stoves, & Audio Emetic

09-06-2005 -- HQ FOR THE ARTS, SACRAMENTO, CA................TUES - SHOW 415

1. Introduction, Exotic Bwana Sounds, Killing Fire, The Wall on Speed

LOB (lead bass, turntablism), PAT MABIE (gutiar), CREEPY TURNTABLE (itself)

HURRICANE KATRINA VICTIMS RELIEF FUND BENEFIT SHOW [we raised over $875 in 3 hours!) - More Hurricane Benefits still happening, click here!
J.Greenberg, Draw Pinky, Bob Stanley, Rhony Bhopla, Adrian Bourgeois, Crawdad Nelson, Bob Barango, Robert Roden, Las Pesadillas
this show was released as "NOISE FOR KATRINA" (TIF111) ..benefit release for Hurricane Katrina relief.

09-21-2005 -- KPFA FM, RADIO PACIFICA, BERKELEY,CA................WED - SHOW 416

1. Invokation>Deamon's Tube>NOISE>Thee Sickness>more noise

LOB (lead bass, effects), DR.OBLIVIOUS (keyboards), PEEK (juice harp), NATE SCOTT (theremin), JIM WILLIG (pedals/effects),
LARRY RODRIGUEZ (home made device), DAN QUILLIAN (home made device), MOE STAIANO (percussion w/ metal)
THOMAS DiMUZIO (guitar w/effects), dAS (contact mic)


1. STARWARS original soundtrack

LOB (bass), DR.OBLIVIOUS (keyboard), STEVE DAVIS [DOG) (guitar), JOE FOSTER [English] (trumpet), LARRY RODRIGUEZ [Eat the People] (percussion)
DAN QUILLIAN [Eat the People] (home made device), GEORGE LUCAS (director)

Day 3 - NorCal NoiseFest 2005
w/ Emil Beaulieau, MANIAC!, +DOG+*, UFO as Bacteria, Tralphaz, XOME, Leporidae, Products of Discordia, peelS deyaleD, Eat The People
* Lob also played with DOG.

11-12-2005 -- LUNA'S CAFE, SACRAMENTO, CA.........................SAT -- SHOW 418

1. Invokation>Set The Controls, Joyride, Jazz for Satan, They Knew*, Spider**, Thee Little Turtle**, Thee Sickness**, Shut Down**

* w/ Pink Panther tease
** w/ Tarantula Princess on Clarinet

LOB (lead bass), LAUREN HESS (drums), CHAD WILLIAMS [Dino Crowley] (guitar), LYDIA CLARK-FRANK [Tarantula Princess] (clarinet)**
w/ Delayed Sleep, and Leporidae

12-03-2005 -- THE HAMPTONS, 4001 SAN LEANDRO, OAKLAND, CA.........SAT -- SHOW 419
early set

soundcheck: Rock Lobster (lob, sean, jim only) [no recording]

1. Invokation*>Red Planet Landing*, Spider, Peter Gunn**, Joyride, Jazz for Satan, Thee Little Turtle, Shut Down***

** last time played 11/28/02, 109 shows (show #310)

LOB (lead bass), Dr. OBLIVIOUS (keyboards), SEAN 'yod' CAMPEAU (guitar), JIM WILLIG (drums), HEATHER COLE (violin)*
early set, Open Studios Oakland event/party

*** dedicated to The Germs. This was the 25th anniversary of thier final show with Darby. (They played in LA with Shane West on vox, we played in Oakland.)

12-03-2005 -- THE HAMPTONS, 4001 SAN LEANDRO, OAKLAND, CA.................SAT -- SHOW 420
late set

1. Black Sabbath Invokation>Buzzkill*, Space Walk, Set The Controls#, Jazz for Satan, Eat Pot Cookie**, Deamon's Tube, -- pot break --,
Cows(on the freeway), Rock Lobster>My Little Red Planet>Justin's Little Red Planet***>Gang ov 420***^>420 Freak Out***^>Black Sabbath reprize>
Buzzkill reprize>Black Sabbath fade out

* variation on upbeat part of the song Black Sabbath
** improv piece, named by KC Moreno, started by Camillo Landau
*** Justin Clark vocals
# Nate Scott leaves ensamble for rest of the set
^ improv pieces, first time played
-- pot break -- .. entire band stopped to smoke a bowl, it was show 420 after all!

LOB (lead bass), DR. OBLIVIOUS (keyboards), SEAN CAMPEAU (gutiar), JIM WILLIG (guitar), NATE SCOTT (sampler noise),
[Carne Cruda] (timbales), JUSTIN CLARK (vocals)
late sat, Instagon's 420th show.. a stoner friendly experience for band and audience..
also was Popseclipse

2005 =

13 shows

38 players

8 venues

48 songs

thank you!