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Winter 2015
Hullo friends, fans, and family.. well, we have made it thru another year and make our final approach towards the end of 2015.. it has been a stellar year.. lots of great shows and more Mixer Sets than ever before...its like a return to the noisy roots!! we also released a couple of new digial releases this year on the bandcamp page and have been working on new things too.. we will get to that.. but first.. THE WEEKEND OF Winter Solstice has a special treat.. on DECEMBER 20, SUNDAY.. INSTAGON will appear at VINYL SOLUTION RECORDS in Huntiington Beach,CA...This is a return home for Instagon.. it will be our firsr show at Vinyl Solution since 2003. Lob will be working at the store all day from open to close for "staff of the past" day.. and players for the Instagon session include Cary Pealer, Dennis Owens, Jim Kaa of The Crowd, and Rikk Agnew.. its gonna be some punky fun!!
Okay.. the new things that are in store... Instagon's 23rd annversary show will be held in early February in Sacramento.. it will also be Instagon #700.. prior to that we will headline the Sunday night show of the mutli day "Hardly Strictly Personal" Post-Beefheart Festival.. this will be our 2nd year in a row at this event. We are working on a new album called "Planets" and another yet untitled album too.. plus an archival release of compilation tracks from the mid 1990s... so those are things that are on the chalkboard.. thansk for your continued support and interest in the chaos and magick that is Instagon.

Summer 2015
It's been awhile since we posted an update here...so perhaps its time.
There have been 2 new download releases released so far this year.. session 678: Poems, Rants, & Jams features a rare combonation of Lob's poetry with Instagon for a bit of "Moetry" (Music+Poetry) and LIVE AT OUTSOUND SUMMIT is the newest addition to the "Live At" series, and the first one to include a Mixer Set. This session happened at San Francisco's 14th annual Outsound Summit event, this was Instagon's first appearance at this legendary event. By request the session was an ANALOG ONLY Mixer Set and featured members of Medicine Cabinet, Chopstick, AA23, Ear Spray, as well as Jack Hertz, & Thomas DiMuzio...it was quite the epic session, and now it is available for you too!

After the show in May for Lob's 50th Birthday party.. the deamon took some time off... and we were quiet for the month of June..but back at it in July and have been playing regular shows again now.. check the SHOWS listings for upcoming appearances. .. but a few hot ones are

Aug 16 - 5p-7p PST - LIVE RADIO BROADCAST FROM UB RADIO SALON tune in at www.dfm.nu during the above time window for live Instagon radio shenanigans.

Oct 4 - NORCAL NOISEFEST XIX - back .. once again.. for the 19th time.. the 20 year anniverary ... Instagon will appear for NCNF.. .. perhaps a mixer set... perhaps not...
details & tickets available at www.norcalnoisefest.com

A super cute new Instagon sticker was designed by Sacramento artist JULIE OKAHARA and was made available from the TIF Sticker Club in July... they are still available, but only by subscription to the club. Individual stickers are available in limited supply at Instagon live shows as well. www.tif.org/stickerclub

There is murmurings about the return of Lob's Wizards ov Garage Jazz project that ws started last year.. it has been quiet since the intial happening...but more is coming..

Instagon is always looking for compilations to appear on, ..so far this year we have appeared on a few.. like This Music Plants Trees.. and NEW HORIZONS:Music for the Pluto Flyby.

okay...thats all I got at the moment...well, besides saying that Instagon has been on FIRE this year.. every show has been really really special and amazing.. and if you have the chance to come out and be part of the magick, you should not waste that opportunity...because if you do.. it will be gone.. in an instant.

January 2015
We have not taken any time and have started the year off right away.. a new album LIVE AT WITCH ROOM was just released and features a session recorded in the last weekend of 2014 featuring members of GJA, DoofyDoo, Gentleman Surfer, Whiskey & Stitches, Ideateam, Mad Judy, and others. It also features vocals from Lob on 2 track.. a cover of a song by Donovan, and one by Capt. Beefheart too!

Speaking of Capt. Beefheart.. Instagon will appear this month in Berkeley,CA on Jan 17th for a 2 day festival celebrating the life and art of the good Capt. more details can be found here.

A mixer set is being planned for an appearance in San Francisco at the very end of this month for the FOG MUSIC FESTIVAL

the 22nd Birthday/Anniversary of the deamon's rising will happen on Monday, Feb 2nd at Lunas' Cafe in Sacramento,CA.. a jazz set is being planned.

JOIN THE TIF STICKER CLUB.. GET THE NEW INSTAGON STICKER !! only a few weeks left to get 3 of this sticker with your club memebership.. after Feb 2nd.. it will be only available individually . go to.. www.tif.org/stickerclub

December 2014

INSTAGON will do a LIVE INTERNET RADIO BROADCAST.. on Sunday, December 14, 2014 .. from 5-7pm PST - tune in at www.dfm.nu

INSTAGON #666 is now available on CD. order yours here.

There is a 10 minute mixer set track called "Lost In The Secret Clubhouse of the Black Sun, Pt 1" available now as a download on the MIDNIGHT RADIO 32 Compilation from Germany.

THEE INSTAGON FOUNDATION has started a new STICKER CLUB.. and the first sticker features the Instagon mascot logo "Thee Instagod" to get this limited sticker.. follow this link and JOIN THE STICKER CLUB!! www.tif.org/stickerclub

November 2014
Instagon #666 happened on Oct 25, it was a great show with friends in town from all over the country to celebrate auspicious event at Life Changing Ministry in Oakland,CA. (we LOVE LCM!!!). There were amazing performances by Liver Cancer, Deletist, & Nux Vomica, as well as a hybrid band/mixer set from the deamon Instagon that was fully enjoyed by all in attendance. A CD of this set will be available sometime before the end of this month so watch our twitter and facebook accounts for that announcement. A limited number of 25 posters were made for this show and a few of them are still available. There are also stickers available with the Instagon 666 logo design as well.. check out the BANDCAMP page under MERCH for those things.

The version of the Instagon track "Space Walk" from the 666 session will also appear on an upcoming digital compilation for Institute For Alien Research in the MALMUSIC Series, on Volume 8

Instagon will have a track called "JUPITER" (frm session 663) appear on an upcoming digital compilation of psychedelic music called FULL EXPERIENCE being relesed from This IS Not Records in Italy.

Instagon will have version of "Evil Jazz 23" recorded in 2009 (session 516) appear on the upcoming SHIT NOISE 100 2xCD compilation .. which will also be available for download.

there are at least 4 more shows planned for 2014.. on Nov 23. a trio including Japanese guitarist SUZUKI JUNZO will happen in Davis,CA.

will performe a live mixer set - Radio Broadcast that will happen on Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014 from 5-7pm PST courtesy of the UBU Radio Show and Big City Orchestra.. you can stream this show at www.dfm.nu

Instagon will appear on Saturday Jan 17, 2015 for the 2 day tribute to Captain Beefheart that is happening in Berkeley,CA. , and on Jan 30 in San Francisco for the FOG FESTIVAL LIVE show. The official 22 year Instagon birthday/anniversary show will happen ON the Deamons' bday, Feb.2 , at Luna's Cafe in Sacramento for the Nebraska Monday series. .

The "Space Yr Face" and "666" logo designs are now available on Tshirts from Spreadshirt.com

The "Insta-god" logo will be featured as a sticker for December 2014 for the new TIF STICKER CLUB. This sticker will be printed in very limited numbers. The TIF Sticker Club is a new project that LOB is doing and so your support would be most appreciated .. order a sticker !!

October 2014
Instagon 665 happened at NORCAL NOISEFEST 18 on Day 3 of the festival. it was broadcast live over the web and you can see a video of it HERE:
http://vimeo.com/108140323 - Audio of this performance is also available at the Norcal Noisefest Bandcamp page.

Instagon also has exclusive track called "Theed" on the 2014 Norcal Noisefest compilation disc called "Dawn of the Planet of Noise" which is also still available.

session #666 will happen on Oct. 25 in Oakland,CA at the Life Changing Ministry Church...with special guests NUX VOMICA, LIVER CANCER, & VANKMEN

new 7" 6 track ep from LOVE EARTH MUSIC.. limited to 200 hand numbered copies, now available for mail order at www.loveearthmusic.com

September 2014
a few videos from Instagon session 663 in San Francisco from last month have been posted to the VIDEO PAGE for your eyes and ears to enjoy

a new store has been set up at SPREADSHIRT.com and we are offering the new Instagon 666 LOGO design on a few types of shirts, also new Instagon Shot Glasses are available.. other products and designs to come in the future too, find it at http://587706.spreadshirt.com/

The Instagon 666 logo design is also available as a sticker, click here for details. ..

Instagon 666 is scheduled for October 25th in Oakland,CA at Life Changing Ministry...for more details click here.

Instagon will appear on SUNDAY OCT 5 for the 18th annual NORCALNOISEFEST. This session will be broadcast live over the internet via the UB RADIO SALON on the DFM.NU radio network, staring around 5pm PST (Instagon will go on around 6pm PST). http://dfm.nu/

Instagon has a cut on the new 23 Seconds ov Time Vol. 9 that was just released, also one on the BIG CALIFORNIA NOISE COMPILATION that will be released by TIF.ORG in a few days.. and on the new NORCAL NOISEFEST Compilation that will be released at NF2014.

Summer 2014
We have just posted a VIDEO page here on the website with links to all of the INSTAGON videos we could find online. If you know of one we do not have shown, please be sure to let us know.
INSTAGON - GONZO 7" vinyl EP from Love Earth Music is coming soon.. before Noisefest....that is the word.
INSTAGON is confirmed to appear at Norcal Noisefest 2014 once again, the session will be broadcast live over the web via UB RADIO SALON and will happen on Sunday, October 5.
INSTAGON SESSION #666 is confirmed to happen in Oakland,CA on Saturday, October 25.
A new CD release limited to only 18 hand made copies, and also available as streaming & download has been done for the soundcollage "ABOARD THE TRAIN THAT GOES INTO THE SEA" this limited CD comes with a hand signed poem by Lob that is exclusive to this release.
This Summer is gonna be kinda quiet as we prepare for Instagon 666 in the Fall.. there are a few shows happening, but most of them are noise/mixer sets...The plan is to return to the regular live schedule of 2 or 3 shows a month starting in November.. until then, there are always recordings to enjoy.
We wish to acknowlage and pay respects for the passing of Corrina Luz De La Luna, who played with Instagon and was part of the early crew in 1994...she will be missed.

Winter 2014
Greetings and welcome to the new year.
In 2013 Instagon played 27 shows and explored 6 new spaces. We welcomed 19 new players to our family and released 16 new albums!! We also released 2 singles, appeared on 33 compilations, and recorded 155 new titles (songs). Thank everyone that supported the deamon by coming to shows or buying downloads, your help makes new stuff happen...and we like new stuff, even though we are happy to be done with the 12in12x12 project.. it was fun, but it was a lot of work! 144 new songs exist for you to explore at Bandcamp.
so we have finished the first show of the the year (
01-09-14) and look forward to our 21st Anniversary show at SHINE on FEB 1st. New releases are planned for this year.. .not as many as last year.. but some are coming for sure. Our First compilation release for 2014 is the CREATIVE UNCOMMONS release by The Eargasmic Phantastic FB Communicty and features Instagon covering a song by Northern Californa band THE COMMON MEN from session 580 in 2011! More comps will happen soon, 2013 was the biggest year for compilation cuts from Instagon so far!! The most recent album release from Instagon is called THEE START OF THEE END and was released by Placenta Recordings in 2013. It features material recorded in 2007 & 2008

Spring 2013
so here we are deep into the 21st year of Instagon.. new releases continue to happen.. and great shows too. Instagon will appear for the 6th time in May at the 2013 IN THE FLOW Festival in Sacramento. Instagon has also been confirmed to appear at NORCAL NOISEFEST in early October. Lob will be attending (working) the Stella Natura event happening in the Northern Californa Mountains in late September...and so an improptu ritual may occur.. but nothing official has been scheduled ..yet.
The monthly series of releases "A Dozen Paths To Escape Complete Boredom" are going as planned so far.. with live recordings, home recordings, and interesting collaborations being released via our page at bandcamp. A new full length CD of live recordings entitled "THEE START OV THEE END" will be released very soon by Placenta Recordings out of Michigan...we will post this info on Facebook and the Deamons' Tube (blog) when it happens. Recent reviews of Instagon releases appear in Vital Weekly , and The Big Take Over.. click links to see.

January 2013
Greetings Freq's and friends.. welcome to 2013.. the 20th Year of Instagon!
Instagon will play its 20th Anniversary show on Feb 2nd in Sacramento,CA. Many surprise guests from Instagon's past and present times have threatened to make appearances. We only have the one show.. so let's see who makes it out! We hope YOU can make it!!! details under SHOWS.
"Jazz For A Lesser Deamon" and "Instagon's Greatest Hits Vol. 1" will BOTH be available on CD exclusively at the 20th Anniversary show.
A Download compilation from the Eargasmic Phantasic online group on the theme of "insects"
has been released and includes a version of "Spider" recorded recently during session 619. You can download and get more info on this release HERE.

December 2012
Happy Yuletide to everyone...its raining new releases from Instagon
First, "Titanic" a limited edition CASSETTE ONLY release has come from Blistered Mind Recordings In So. Cal. It contains 4 live tracks , one previously unrelease. .all unreleased versions. .Only 60, hand numbered, copies were pressed. click here for ordering info.
Next, "Space Yur Face" was released as a download album from TIForg with recordings made during 2011 in the Sacramento area. 13 tracks .. all new songs. . click here for info.
and then.. Instagon has a track called "Bintoxanda" that appears on the new Open Circuit Transmission Compilation from AIN23. ..this can be found here. Also a short track called "Found Wind" (session 520) was released on a download compilation called "Puncture Dialectic" from Digital Vomit netlabel.
A new full length CD called "Jazz For A Lesser Deamon" will be releaed by TIForg in early 2013...it will also be available for download. A new full length CD titled "Thee Start Ov Thee End" will be releaed by Placenta Recordings sometime in 2013. Also a 7" for "Deamon's Tube" will be released by Love Earth Music. (also for LEM.. Lob has produced a double live CD from the noise artist XOME that is also coming in 2013)

THE INSTAGON GREATEST HITS PROJECT is on.. WE ARE LOOKING for artists to cover Instagon songs
details here

INSTAGON'S 20TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW will happen Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 in Sacramento,CA at Marilyns On K. ...this will be a 21+ show.

November 2012

a new full length NOISE CD has been unleashed. its called "Thee Perplexity ov a Shrinking Steering Wheel" and its is available NOW from Auricular Records on CD and also Download and Streaming. There is a limiited edition of 46 copies on CD in a silver bag with folder cover, that are hand numbered and contain a signed art print by Lob Instagon. for information click here

October 2012
Okay okay.. so this update is SUPER overdue..all apologies..things happen, the DATA has been updated regularly on this site.. just not THIS PAGE.. sorry. so.. where to start.. this year has been a slower year for shows than usual.. but a better year for festival gatherings and bigger events, which has been fun.
The 7" on Love Earth Music is still forthcoming. The CD mentioned below from Auricular Records will be coming out within the next few weeks. The 4th CD in the 23 Seconds of Time series has been released by AIN23, it is limited to 50 copies. The 2012 Norcal Noisefest Compilation features a rare studio cut up from Instagon called "Dishwasher Slurp" this track is exclusive to this disc, and the release is limited to only 160 copies. A new download release called "Space Music" will feature a recent recording of "Space Walk" by Instagon along with 100 other artists. Another download compilation was released by Welcome To The 21st Century Records called "Volume As An Independant Construct" features a track from an older recording (session #461) called "Bitch Slapped By Death". The middle of April saw a new SINGLE released as a download at bandcamp called "TITANIC" (in memorium of the 100th anniversary of the USS Titanics' famous sinking) ..a ltd cassette release of 60 copies of this title, with 3 more songs from this sesssion (one of them UNRELEASED) is being planned for release on the Blistered Mind Recordings label out of Southern California by the end of this year. Other cassette releases are planned fro 2013.. the year of our 20th anniversary since Instagon began!! We are also going to start updating the DEAMON'S TUBE blog once again very soon.. and we apologize for the slack.
There are full shows available at the artchives.org site link above.
there are exclusive tracks available at both bandcamp and soundcloud.. different ones at each.. do not be afraid.. we only want your ears..

April 2012
Greetings to all. As we have just passed the marker of session #600.. we move forward into the future. Changes are upon the horizon..Facebook's new format is hard to navigate, and so we will probably lessen our regularity there in coming days. The Auricular Records release "The Perplexity ov a Shrinking Steering Wheel" should happen sometime this year. There was recently a web release of Auricular Records Audio Magazine #15 with features an exclusive Instagon track. This was previously only available on CD.
Long time friend, artist TOM D. KLINE has confirmed to do the cover for the upcoming 7" on Love Earth Music.
INSTAGON will again appear this year at the annual May Day Festival at the Poo Frog Ranch in Clipper Mills,CA on May 6th...and the following weekend will appear for the 5th time at Sacramento's IN THE FLOW Festival.. we hope you can make it! Summer plans are being drawn up....who knows...maybe a tour?

Jan 2012
the new year is upon us. Instagon turns 19 this year and will begin our 20 year of chaos in February!
there are great shows in the works, and new releass too. Instagon has a cut on the new 23 Seconds ov Time Volume 4, that will be released this month. There is also plans for a 7" RECORD to happen sometime this year on the LOVE EARTH MUSIC label. There is a CD planned for Auricular Records that was supposed to happen last year.. but we all (Us & Them) slacked hard on it.. so it will probably be the next new release down the pike. Currently our FACEBOOK PROFILE is the best source for the most updated info and show news. We are sorta looking for someone that would be intersted in helping the Deamon with its online activity.. updated pages..social networking.. that sorta thing.. if you are intrested, make contact with Lob. Beyond that stay tuned and pay attention.. show #600 is just around the corner, and our 20th year is here. Thanks for coming along on this ride.


Instagon will appear next week in San Francisco,CA for the IAMINDUST FESTIVAL. A 3 day experimental music happening. Also appearing at this event at CHROME, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, NUX VOMICA, NIGHT @ NOON, RUBBER O CEMENT, NOISEPSALM, THOMAS DEIMUZIO, and many others..details can be found at www.iamindust.com

NEW! split with Transhumans on Paper Cuts Records now available features a full live show recorded at The Hub in Sacramento,CA in 2010. Also a new compilation is due out soon from Paper Cuts that will features an exclusive live version of "The Litte Turtle".

the new 23 Seconds ov Time collection from AIN23 features a spoken word segment of an Instagon on air performance from 1994 on KUCI , Irvine,CA that includes Charles Ardinger, Opus23, ChirsTM, Lob, & Rev. Andy Warthog. Also Lob has a solo track on this collection . available here as download. Limited edition of 100 made CD copies also available with exclusive mixes. for that ...you should click here

also another compilation from AIN23 has been released called OPEN CIRCUIT TRANSMISSION 2011 and features an exclusive STUDIO recording done at KDVS, Davis,CA in Dec. 2010.

also.. lastly.. last month Instagon played its 15th appearance at NORCAL NOISEFEST.. that same weekend.. Instagon was honored by the Sacramento Area Music Awards (SAMMIES) and the News & Review newspaper by being inducted into the SAMMIES HALL OF FAME. They gave us a cute little robot award statue....we are grateful and humbled..

new things happen all the time.. join THEE INSTAGON FOUNDAION open group community at facebook.. or follow us on twitter.

a new full length new CD from INSTAGON titled "Pink Eye" has been released from Placenta Records in Michigan. This disc contains material from 2011, 2007, & 1998 collected to present a great album of Noise AND Band material. This CD is wicked. (more details can be found on earlier news posts)
this CD is now available here:

Instagon has opened up the archive and has begun to upload shows to a collections page for live music at archives.org. a few select shows have been posted already, and others have posted thier recordings as well. Instagon ALWAYS allows taping and sharing of live shows. Many more recordings will be coming, the floodgates have been opened. follow this link http://www.archive.org/details/Instagon
We asked our facebook fans for what they wanted to be posted first.. and the first responders were:
1. April 30, 2011 @ Poo Frog Ranch, Clipper Mills,CA - session 568 (requested by Matt Conklin)
2. March 25, 1995 @ Club Sin-A-Matic, Hollywood,CA - session 76 (requested by Sharon 444)
3. May 2, 2997 @ Impala Cafe, Los Angeles,CA - session 141 (requested by Dr.Oblivious)
these shows are now available for streaming & download.

A smokin' version of "Deamon's Tube" by Instagon appears on the new compilation ALTERED STATE OF MIND 2011. This recording is from session #521. This collection is now available for streaming and download.

there is a short article on Instagon in this weeks Sacramento News & Review publication regarding the appearance sheduled for next week at Lunas Cafe

INSTAGON has launched an official SOUNDCLOUD page.. and you can find recent live droppings there...there is a button posted above to reach it. . we are also in the process of opening a collection page for live shows thru ETREE & ARCHIVE.ORG and have plans to upload full shows for free download from the 18 year Instagon archives. .. any suggestions for particular shows are welcomed.

Instagon will appear at this years NORCAL NOISEFEST in Sacramento, CA on Saturday, Oct 2nd. No announcement as to the "type" of Instagon set this will be has been announed as of yet.. stay tuned for this

a 23 Second piece clipped from a spoken word performance by Instagon recorded on KUCI, Irvine,CA in 1994 (session #36) will be included in the new 3rd volume of the on going series by AIN23 called 23 Seconds ov Time .. the collage will be released for download in late August. Lob will also have a spoken word piece of his own on this project.

yet another new full length CD from Instagon will be released this summer from PLACENTA RECORDINGS out of Michigan.. the release will be called "PINK EYE", it has cover art by Lob and will be comprised of a collection of live recordings from 2011, 2007, & 1998!. This release features memebers of ACTUARY, PUNK AS A DOORNAIL, GARAGE JAZZ ARCHITECTS, OVERDOSE THE KATATONIC, SUNKEN LANDSCAPES, PHOG MASHEEEN, (WANING), UEM, MORGANS ORANGE, & PROFESSOR SONIC. This collection is leaning harder on the NOISE side of the spectrum for Instagon.

A new split CD release from PAPER CUTS RECORDINGS is forth coming from Instagon & the Transhumans from Ventura,CA. This release will feature a full show recording of session #545 from August 2010 in Sacramento. This release features members of BLACK HOLES,WHAT?, & NIGHT MARCHERS, its a power trio.. it rocks pretty hard.. the cover for the Instagon side is a photo taken by Lob in midtown Sacramento.

Lob has added more poetry readings of "Scary City" to the SHOWS listings.

2 summer shows have been added for Old Sacramento at Vega's Nightclub.

a summer show has been added for the NEBRASKA MONDAYS series at Luna's Cafe in Sacramento for Aug. 1. This show will be a live band appearance.
2 poetry readings have been confirmed by Lob in support of "Scary City" ..both are in Sacramento,CA

"SCARY CITY" is now available.

8 new tracks of noise and sound art from INSTAGON recorded live at various venues between 2008 & 2010.
includes a new chapbook of original poetry by Lob. His first new chapbook of poems since 1999, each are hand
numbed. Copies ordered directly from TIF are also signed.
This is a limited release, only 100 copies are avaialble.
Cover art is by Southern California artist Sean Campeau


At last nights show Lob announced that next week's session at the In The Flow Festival in Sacramento, CA might be the last "jam band" session for awhile as Instagon...there are a few NOISE/mixer sessions planned and scheduled in upcoming months,.but Instagon is going to be slowing down its pace dramatically..

The June noise session mentioned below has been relocated to Luna's Cafe in Sacramento.. see SHOWS for details

"Thee Speed ov Infection" the 3rd CD in the 520 Session's trilogy is now available at live shows and by direct contact only.. a wider and more available release is planned for sometime this year.. but no actual date is on the calendar. This CD is a FULL LENGTH STUDIO RECORDING featuring some old and some newer songs that had not yet been recording in a proper studio session ..including Joyride, Thruster, & The Sickness..plus many others. These recordings were done during the same session that produced the SLEEPWALKING CD and the ECHOPHOBIC CDep

SHOWS CANCELED. The HUB in Sacramento,CA was recently shut down, and the show in May that was previously announced as happening there has been cancelled .. and the show that was planned there for June is looking for a new home... and may be cancelled.. more news as is happens.

Instagon will headline the Saturday night line up at the POO FROG RANCH MAYDAY FUNDRAISER this weekend.
Garage Jazz Architects will play both days as well.

The 23 SECONDS OF TIME VOL. 2 - CD release is now available from AIN23 - this release is limited to 123 copies only
click here for details

"THEE SLOTH"(Tribal Visitation) is a new track from Instagon that was recorded at Naked Lounge last month, session 560.
this track appears exclusively on the ACEDIA collection released this week as part of the 7 Deadly Sins project by Shattenspeil Recordings
this is a FREE DOWNLOAD and features 27 other artists from around the world.

BOOGIE FOR LIZ - is also from the same session above (560) and was released to honor the passing of Elizabeth Taylor.
this track is available for free download too.. from the Instagon Bandcamp Page

7 - Old Ironsides, Sacramento
15 - Blue Cafe, Long Beach
16 - Wonder Valley Exp. Music Festival, 29 Palms
23 - Callisons, Sacramento
28 - Disco Volante, Oakland
30 - Poo Frog Ranch Music Fling, Clipper Mills
6 - Naked Lounge, Sacramento
15 - In The Flow Festival, Sacramento
16 - The Hub, Sacramento


Instagon & Garage Jazz Architects will both appear April 30th in Clipper Mills, CA at a music happening being thrown on a privately owned 90 acre ranch
called POO FROG RANCH.. there will be vending, camping, and music.. they are asking for donations.. if you want to go.. look up the Poo Frog Ranch on
facehook.. or make contact with Lob and ask about it.. Instagon will close the night out with a superjam featuring members from other bands that are playing.


An exclusive 1 second track titled "segment558:sample" will appear on the new Floppy Disc Compilation project being done by Toxic Indusctries from Russia.
details can be found here

The previously announced HUNTINGTON BEACH SHOW scheduled for 4/15 has been MOVED to LONG BEACH.
Still at the BLUE CAFE, but now at the LONG BEACH location.. the HB spot is moving and will be closed in April.. oh well.

INSTAGON has been confirmed to appear once again at this years IN THE FLOW Festival in Sacramento. .. The dates for this festival are May 12-16
scheduled spot and time for Instagon's set has yet to be determined.

new shows are added all the time.. always check the SHOWS listings

INSTAGON has an exclusive track called "Hidden" that appears on the volume 2 edition of 23 Seconds ov Time .. released by AIN23.
Free download of the new mp3 cut-up collage is now available. Pre-Orders for the limited edtion 2CD set are now being accepted.
INSTAGON also appears on Volume 1 of this project.. there are very few copies of the limited CD remaing according to Thee Network.

"SCARY CITY" by INSTAGON will be released within the near future on LOVE EARTH MUSIC.
This release will be a limited edition CD of 100 copies, in a dvd case with a hand-printed numbered book of original poetry by Lob to correspond with the tracks on the CD. This release is being done as a TIF/LEM JOINT RELEASE and we are both very happy about the collaborations.. more plans for neat packages and fun releases from Instagon are in the works for this year.

INSTAGON has spounted offspring... if you are not aware.. Lob now also is part of a trio called GARAGE JAZZ ARCHITECTS who have a new demo out called BLUEPRINT
also the ensemble that appeared in January as Instagon session #555.. have been asked to appear AGAIN.. this 2nd appearance is being called " The Triple Nickel " and will happen on April 7, at Old Ironsides in Sacramento, CA


more shows have been added see UPCOMING SHOWS

in honor of Instagon's 18th Birthday TODAY, all releases at Bandcamp are now FREE! enjoy!!

INSTAGON will play 2 shows in Southern California in April 2011.
4-15 - Blue Cafe, Huntington Beach
4-16 - Wonder Valley Experimental Music Festival 3, 29 Palms, CA
see UPCOMING SHOWS for more details

Wonder Valley will be an all day NOISE/MUSIC Festival in the high desert of California.. the same weekend as Cochella, on the other side of the National Park.
other artits appearing include Greg Ginn, +DOG+, Liver Cancer, XOME, Overdose the Katatonic, AMK, Phog Masheeen, and many others. details can be found
by contacting Steve at LOVE EARTH MUSIC www.loveearthmusic.com

Some videos of Instagon's recent appearance at KDVS in December and at Nebraska Monday's earlier this month have been posted to YouTube.
you can view these videos easiest at the Instagon BLOG page, The Deamon's Tube

Instagon will play 2 local Sacramento shows in March. There are no shows currently booked for February.
the Chico shows previously mentioned have not yet come thru.. we are still working on it..

Besides the new releases planned for Love Earth Music, TIF, & Auricular Recordings.
We have now confirmed a 2011 full length also to relesed by
Placenta Recordings

an exclusive track called "Hidden" will appear in the 2nd volume of 23 SECONDS OV TIME released by AIN23

Instagon celebrates its 18th birthday on Feb. 2nd!!! Can you beleive it? 18 YEARS!!

"FRESH CUTS 2010" is now available for download from bandcamp.com
this is a collection of digital "singles" that were released via bandcamp during 2010.. 12 tracks, plus one bonus track if you buy the entire download.
The bonus cut is a version of "Thruster" that was recorded in Sept.2010 in Davis, CA

December 2010
SHOW CHANGES have occured for dates that have previously been posted. Check the Upcoming Shows listings for more details but, the Dec. show at the Press Club has had a date change.
There are only 2 more confirmed Instagon happenings for 2010

We are obviously still working on the new website design.. it will probably be in transition for the next few months.. eventually you will hardly notice it ever changed at all..

The Instagon track "Echophobic" will be featured on the debut episode of a new radio show called "The Mad Owl" with Kevin Ian (of the Common Men),
this show will debut at 8pm PST, on Wednesday, Dec. 15th 2010 on Sac Rocks Radio available at http://www.sacrockradio.com/

a few shows have been confirmed for the Sacramento Area for January 2011. We are still currently in talks for possibly a Chico area show in late January.
Currently there is a jazz set planned for Jan 10 at Luna's Cafe for the Nebraska Monday weekly series. On Jan 29, Instagon will return to Old Sac and play Vega's Nightclub...details soon.

23 Seconds ov Time vol. 1 ltd CD is now availalbe limited to only 123 hand numbered copies. Instagon has an exclusive track on this release called "Soundbits"
This is NOT a live Instagon track.. it is a rare audio collage track created by Lob at home with the computer using sound fragments from prior Instagon recordings.
The CD features 99 exclusive tracks and over 70 minutes of sound, plus exclusive art inserts. This CD is available from AIN23.
A vidio for "Soundbits" has been created by Frequency 383 of AIN23. Links will be posted here very soon.

SLEEPWALKING is available and is just now starting to get some reviews.. we will be posting some of those here soon.

the final "FRESH CUT" release for 2010 has been posted to the Instagon profile at bandcamp.com. The track is called "Umbridge Study Hall" and was recorded THIS MONTH at the recent appearance at KDVS Radio in Davis, CA. This track is now avaialble for FREE DOWNLOAD thru the end of Dec.2010. The entire collection of 2010 FRESH CUTS will be released at via the bandcamp page on the 23rd of this month and will feature a bonus track or 2 for those get the entire collection. A hard copy version will be available hopefully by Spring 2011. Perhaps with even more bonus material

Instagon will appear on an upcoming Sacramento Local Band compliation that has yet to be titled. A shortened "radio edit" version of "Buzzkill" will appear on this comp.
This will happen in early 2011, more news then.

A version of Harry Mancini's "the Pink Panther" as performed by Instagon will appear on the Placenta Family Tree Volume 5 release that is being prepared now.
This recording comes from Instagon session 552 from earlier THIS month in Old Sacramento. Details available from Placenta Recordings

Orange County film maker Evan Jacobs is working on a film about the 1990's OC Harccore Scene that will somehow include Lob and his role as manager of Vinyl Solution Records at that time. This segment of the film will feature Instagon music from the 1994 era.. exactly what will be used has not been confirmed yet.

Instagon & TIForg wishes everyone a very happy solistice and a wonderful holiday season.

November 2010

Well, the first obvious thing worth mentioning is that this website is once again under re-construction.
We hope to have it completed and totally functional within a months time.. currently some links are broken,
and some lead to old pages.. simply bear with us as we give our space a new face.

this marks the 5th studio release from Instagon and the 1st since 2007. It was recorded at KDVS Studios
in Davis,CA during the fall of 2009. Session #520. This release is currently available thru TIForg and AIN23.
this disc is a a collection ov 9 studio recordings unlike anything Instagon has previously released.
this is the 2nd release in the series of 3 from this recording session. ..the 3rd will be released in coming months
This recording is a milestone for this project thus far...and now we have thee honor ov sharing it with you

Autonomous Individuals Network annnouces "23 Second ov Time Vol.1"
this is a new collage from AIN23 (formerly TOPY) and track #23
is an exclusive track from Instagon called "Soundbits" that is a rare 'non live' release. It is an
audio collage cut up made from bits of other Instagon recordings. this track is only 23 seconds.
a limited edition CD of 123 copies is due out by the end of the month - A download of the entire collage is now available free here.

Paper Cuts Recordings has released Paper Cuts Magazine issue #5. This magazine is a beautiful production and features an
interview with Instagon regarding the "Echophobic ep" CD that was released in the Spring of this year. The magazine also
comes with a v/a 3" CDR that features the track "Echophobic" from Instagon. This magazine is now available from Paper Cuts Records.
Lob also wrote numerous articles that appear in this issue of PC, including interviews with +DOG+, & Audible Disease Effects.

Lob appears as part of a project recording by G.X.JUPITER-LARSEN called "The Internationale" (b.p.157)
released on cassette from Banned Productions. This cassette is now available.

Lob also appears as a guest vocalist on the new release from NOISEPSALM on Auricular Records. The release is titled DEATH MASK,
and Lob wrote words and recietes the poem used for the title track. Release date 10-31-2010.

Love Earth Music has confirmed the upcoming release "SCARY CITY:a noise opera" by Instagon projected for January 2011
this relase will feature a CD and a book of poetry and art. Cover art for this release is being created by Southern California artist Sean Campeau

Aurricular Recordings has confirmed the the upcoming release "Thee Perplexity ov thee Shrinking Steering Wheel" sometime soon
from Instagon. details regarding the packaging and audio content are being discussed now.
An interview with Lob regarding Instagon also appears in the Auricular online blog-zine called (dis)perse.

Instagon will appear live on-air at KDVS Radio in early December. see the SHOWS link
Instagon has been confirmed to appear for the Nebraska Mondays Jazz series in Sacramento in January 2011


from Instagon

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"Live At Outsound Summit"
[live recording, session #684]

"678: Poems,Rants, & Jams"
[live recording, session #678]

"Live At Witch Room"

[live recording, session #672]

"6 6 6"
Ltd CD/Download
[live recording, session #666]

Ltd 7" record
6 track ep
[cuts from the "Paths to Escape Complete Boredom" sessions 2013]

"Aboard Thee Train That Goes Into Thee Sea"
[live recording, session #659]

"a dozen paths to escape complete boredom, vol 1 - 12"
[home recordings,live recordiings & collaborations]
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"Thee Start Ov Thee End" CD
[live recordings 2007/2008]
available from Placenta Recordings
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"Instagon's Greatest Hits"

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"Jazz For A Lesser Deamon"
[live recordings]
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"Space Yur Face"
[live recordings]
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limited CASSETTE only
[live show recording]
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"Thee Peplexity ov a Shrinking Steering Wheel"
[noise release/live recordings]
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split CD
w/The Transhumans
[live show recording]

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"Pink Eye"
[live recordings]
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"Scary City"
(ltd to 100 copies)
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"Thee Speed ov Infection"
studio CD
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"Fresh Cuts 2010"
free download CD
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studio CD
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"Echophobic EP"
studio CDep
Limited to 50 copies
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