reviewed by KUSH for TUNNEL E-MAGAZINE -Fall 1996

Uhuh. "Chaos Never Died...." Reads the back of the tape, straight from none other than Thee Instagon foundation, a new group of people involed in noise, experimentalism, etc. encompassing an extremely interesting philosophy in the booklet they sent along with two tapes with people from groups like Sublime, SubAachnoid Space, EMRL, Crawl Unit, Spastic Colon, Life Garden just to name a few of the fucking impressive list. Chaos never ever did die, and this tape proves it. Aboslte onslaught, not harsh as some extrme noise,but it really is some shit that goes to your head more than you would think it does. This project consisted of 12 members(it sure fucking sounds like it!!!!). They were lob, opus, Yod, MOrgan Kate, Franz Manfredi, Corrina Luz de Luna, Andy Warthog, Tony S., Brian McDonald, Kristy Leombrumr, Myke Quest, Ryan Hertz. IT is a mesh of distortedguitar rythms, distortion,psychotic tribla fuckign drumming going mad in every directino plausible, no concievable rythm, and these often words," Chaos never died. It's in your fucking ears" Then to stay true to what it really was all about, i couldn't stop laughing it goes" DON"T USE AFTERSHAVE" or some shit about aftershave. Chaotic. Meshes flying around. Exremeties it keeps ou on edge evolving within the distortion not slowly, but defiently, yet, oyu notice the change sometimes after it happens,wondering how the fuck you didn't notice.
Thee Instagon Foundation are something very worthwhile, very true, very pleasign to see and organization devoted enough for us. Email them. They even have a program where you can get stuff monthly.
..this was an Email sent to Instagon. Our reply is also included
 On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Uaxac 
Cib wrote: > > Hi, > A few years ago on one of my two acid trips the name "Methoozella" 
went > through my mindloop a whole bunch. and I just read it here for the first 
> time and it shocked me to say the least. I have no idea what it means. can > 
you tell me? thanks. > that is very odd indeed.. Methoozella is a word that someone 
said to me after the performance that was named such, happened. we performed live 
on the air at KUCI, in Irvine, CA (we being the individuals invoking the deamon 
INSTAGON that evening) after it happened.. the one ov the radio station personel, 
Brian McDonald, i believe his name was, said this word to me.. and i dubbed the 
performance thus.. later we came to realize that this was a lesser deamon ov the 
Audio rhelm.. not as powerful as INSTAGON, but a usable as a minion ov INSTAGON.. 
and so Methoozella was set to work in the celuloid mines as a tape deamon slave 
to the glory ov INSTAGON.. a tape deamon's task is to record itself over any tape 
that it has the opportunity ov being over, thus rendering the soul and energetic 
properties ov the previous sounds as it's own, and making the tape deamon stronger 
and more powerful as a chaotic force of time and space.. you say you had this 
trip a few years ago huh.? well Methoozella has been at work since 1993, causeing 
flux in reality was only a matter of time.. i dont know if this was the answer 
you were looking for.. but it is what we belive .. .. now then... if you would 
like to maybe step the next rung up... it is possible for you to HEAR Methoozella.. 
it will cost you a tape.. something previously MANUFACURED (like from a label, 
printed on the caseing..) send the tape and $1 for return postage to... INSTAGON/METHOOZELLA 
PO BOX 894 HUNTINGTON BCH, CA 92648-0894 tell us more ov your trip.. how was the 
word used?.. what can YOU tell us about the Lesser Sound Demon, METHOOZELLA..?