Frank Moore’s Cherotic All Stars,
The CasioTones, & Instagon
Jan. 30th, 1998 @ Al’s Bar, Los Angeles, CA
comments by Raindog

Picture Joe Cocker with a beard and glasses, in a wheelchair, with that
look as he hits that one high note from “A Little Help From My Friends”
(the one that sounds like tearing sheets).  Imagine all that plus
nudity, neo-Dada performances by Al’s Bar cast of colorful trendoids,
weepy tendrils of sound from the CasioTones and a near-fatal heavy metal
pileup from Instagon and you’ve got an inkling as to what this 3 hour
show was like. 

Moore, a performance artist from Berkeley, CA and former member of the
NEA 7 (Moore was dubbed obscene by Sen. Jesse Helms!), brought his
strange charisma (and trio of backing musicians) to Los Angeles’ Al’s
Bar, located just a few yards into seedsville in East L.A.  It’s just
around the corner from the Spanish kitchen - a rising star amid the
performance spaces that dot the L.A. basin.  His initial set was karoke
at its most primitive, yet it was also amazing.  Frank doesn’t sing.  He
groans.  Yet his attempt to belt out “My Way” (the Tom Jones version)
WITH hand gestures (sort of), had the crowd mesmerized!

As to the CasioTones set, Frank Moore’s comments were, “the Casiotones
were delicate and laidback; my only complaint was their set was too
short!”  Lob, of Instagon said, “that was one spacey set, dude!”  In my
opinion, the set had its moments, but the groove never fully developed. 
I was left feeling a bit flat (besides being winded).

Instagon, on the other hand, served up one of the most hard rock
oriented sets I’ve ever hear from them.  Perhaps the players (who are as
transient as smoke) brought the manic energy of the night into focus. 
It was a wild ride, whatever the cause.  Proof that Rock is bad for your
brain was delivered at the foot of the stage when a bitch fight broke
out between some of the patrons.  Soon the debris on the floor was 6
inches deep, as deep as these “girls” would ever get it, and Grand
Master Lob was egging Instagon on to its impending climax.

Even though the bartender remarked on how quiet this was for Al’s Bar,
this was definitly not a night for the faint-hearted.  Perhaps the
subtlty of the artistry was lost on a crowd grown jaded and callous, but
I swear it was a night that I won’t soon forget.  And neither will you
if you reserve your copy of  “CasioTones - Live!” as soon as you can. 
Call 562-439-9858 for ordering details.  

		--  Raindog