Performance In Search of a Space By Frank Moore

Last night was fun. When Lob , who turns out to be a long-haired,
goat-teed gnome [soon you can see for yourself in our forthcoming NUDE
GALLERY] ,wrote that his performance would be in a laundrymat,  I
pictured the one that is a front for a gallery. But no. It was a tiny
real laundrymat ,so tiny that they had to take me out of my wheelchair,
squeeze me through the door, take my chair apart, etc. The people
mingled together, sitting on the floor and the clothes-folding tables as
keyboards and video cameras were set up, and as Lob eyed the dryers for
his drum section.

But as the musician started the keyboards playing, the owner of the
place ran in and stopped everything, saying: "This is not a music place!
The first time was cute, but not anymore!" Everybody politely packed  up.
The owner opened the other door to let me out.

So began the performance in search of a space. The group started walking
through North Beach, bringing back a lot of memories for me  because it
was my artistic home during the late 70s-early 80s. The next destination
of the artist/audience parade was BEN &  JERRY'S, rumors of a hip
manager. But as the performance-to-be waited outside, it was made clear
that BEN & JERRY'S isn't a performance space either! I was impressed at
and envious of Lob, being kicked out of two spaces!

Our band did not give up our quest! We next climbed Union Street to the
apartment of one of the art fans. Unfortunately, here the performance
ended for this reporter because of two flights of winding stairs. So I
didn't see/hear Lob do his  stuff. But the quest was very satisfying!
Did Lob equal the set up? Talk about pressure!

In Freedom, Frank Moore, Berkeley,CA

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