Review of Instagon's 1997 Nor Cal Noise Fest Appearance

Sept. 13th, 1997, Bo Jangles, Sacramento,CA

Thee Instagon Quickee

Once again Instagon invaded the ears of the proud the brave the few, the
Northern California Noise Festival participants, and audiences.  For the
experienced Instagon viewer, this was a familiar scene.  This was after
all, the third and "concluding?" segment to the Star Wars Theme Noise
Improv.  As in the past the table was set up, the records, the tapes, the
crazy long haired poet hiding behind.  And also as in the past, the known
to some, but strangers to me, guest participants were in the front with
their weapons of choice.  And what do you know, they were weapons, light
sabers "Complete with REAL Star Wars Sound Effects", and super zappy ray
guns.  Unfortunately i was hidden behind a polaroid for most of the
performance, but when i saw the swords, a grin came to my face.  But as
they say, if something can go wrong its bound to go wrong, the sword broke
on first contact.  Oh what fun it would have been to see to grown men
fighting it out with toy lightsabers at the same time, producing a
tremendous noise.  Lucky for these guest performers they had the back up
ray guns to mess around with for the remainder of the performance.
A central figure of the performance was the TV.  A TV being brought between
clips of Star Wars, and blackwhite static.
The mix was fairly well done, thanks to lobs trusty old mixer. (how many
channels does that thing have?).  As with any small membered improv noise
performance, of this type, their sometimes is a feeling of lack.  As if
something were missing.  More people seems to me to be the key of a
slightly more invigorating stimulating performance, such as Instagons
Methoozella performance(buytapes). What i see this developing into is a
sort of audience participation orgy of noise.  All audience members with
their own theme related, or toy related noise makers, running around in a
ruckus of unadulterated fun, and sonic stimuli. Microphones aren't
necessary for if the members move around enough, certain sound will be
close enough to you at all times to break through a main mic'd portion.
Its still completely refreshing to see such improv'd theme performances,
and i hope lob and the world of noise keeps it up into the future.  Its
also a damn good way to remove any sort of pretentiousness out of the noise
music scene, which unfortunately has a great deal of.  Like the punks said,
its all about unity.  So thanks lob for making some good ol, fun spirited,
music without the pretension.
     ---johnTaylor  San Francisco, CA---

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