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Review of Instagon's 1997 Nor Cal Noise Fest Appearance

Sept. 13th, 1997, Bo Jangles, Sacramento,CA

"THE BEST NOISEFEST EVER" (Instagon Excerpt)  by Lob

. ..next up was my project, INSTAGON from Huntington Bch, CA.. at 
NF95 INSTAGON began a running joke/theme for it's NorCal Noise fest 
performances...STAR WARS..this year we attemtped to recreate an audio 
collage that appears on the NF97 commorative CD called "Carbon Freezing 
Chamber"...we were plagued by various technical problems and sound 
mishaps.. but pulled off a pretty silly zany chaotic sound that many 
found enjoyable.. we had an amplified battle using light sabers.. one of 
which broke right way.. an explosive device in a Darth Vader head.. that 
was a dud.. but we climbed thru the mishaps.. with tape samples.. live 
showing of Star Wars the movie...amplified thru the PA.. heavy harsh 
electronic crunches and other noises we have yet to identify.. it was 
INSTAGON.. and it ended the day show.. we all drank another drink.. and 
headed back to the guild for the last event.

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