September 19, 1998, Sandcrawler Space, Oakland,CA
reviewed by Heidi/Corey/Alexi

HeidiCoreyAlexi wrote:

Hey folks, last Saturday night Lob of Instagon gave a smashingly great "a capella" noise show at this really neat space in the backlots of the Oakland produce/wharf district called the Sandcrawler. Actually, all the bands we saw were incredible. Giving off amazing spontaneous combustion-like noise. The last guy we saw (after Lob) just erupted right next to us ... the sounds had been slowly building for about ten minutes, but we didn't even know that the performance had started, we just thought it was the in-between house music or maybe sound checking. Then all of a sudden this guy exploded into motion, leaping up right next to us in a frenzy of intense NOISE and dance. We soon saw that he was holding some kind of instrument (microphone?) which he was holding/cradling away from the speakers, then bringing it to the edge of total noise by creeping closer and closer to them, bursting into noise and jerking dance sporadically and screaming into the device along with the bursts. We were left going "Whoaaa ..." in its wake.
Lob was great, as always. He came up to us before the set and asked Corey if he wanted to be one of the voices in it, to which we said, "YESS!" Lob had actually gone around to a number of people in the audience to gather performers. Lob and his friend started by creating a vocal noise base, then soon the stage filled, until there were six or seven of us up there, all creating different "noise" sounds ... it went on for about ten minutes and sounded really neat, and it felt like everyone there was participating.
We loved it, Lob! The whole evening was great, we met some neat people from a Davis underground radio station KDVS, and ended the night eating fried chicken and waffles at Roscoe's in Jack London Square! What a night!
Love, Corey, Heidi, & Alexi

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