LOB:BIO - who is Lob ?  
Lob was born in Southern California in 1965.
He wrote his first poetry in 1981. He read at his first reading in 1985. He hosted his first reading in 1993, and has done most of those things over and over again since those times..(well, not the being born part). He has appeared, reading words, at many venues including UCLA, UNLV, UCDavis, Beyond Baroque, & many many coffee shops and art gallerys. He has been published in publications including NEXT MAGAZINE, SKRATCH, LUMMOX JOURNAL, and many others.
He has 7 chapbooks of poetry that have been published so far.
LOB has been playing Harmonica since he was 12 years old, and he has been playing Bass since he was about 20. He currently plays Harmonica whenever he can, and plays bass with INSTAGON regularly, and other side projects occasionally. Lob is also known in the NOISE genre for performances with INSTAGON from the late 1990's, and also some solo material of outsider sound art compositions. Instagon has done over 800 performances without ever repeating the line up or ensemble since 1993.

LOB currently lives in Miami, Arizona in the Miami Art Works Campus. He moved to Arizona from Sacramento in 2021 after living most of his life in California, and so far it seems to be working out great.

In 2023 Lob became the interim President of the Miami Arts Commission a 501(c) with a mission for promoting art and creativity in our local community.

LOB: creatist  

LOB considers himself a "creatist".
LOB believes in CREATIVITY as a devine path of wisdom.
In the begining, the gods created all life as we know it.. to believe in creativity is to belive in that which the gods believed in. It is the closest path to godliness we as humans can tread upon.
aArtists are usually attempting to portray or convey some sort of "impression" or idea. Although at times LOB finds excitment in the role of being an aArtist, he attempts more so to be a creatist, to make things up. The spontaneous essence of life is the spark of life itself.
Creativity is the notion that one can be god like.. one can MAKE things.. one only needs to try...

look how much has been created so far.

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