Thursday, Jan. 21, 1999
Universal Ampitheater, Universal City, CA

I have no clue why they book shows of this magnitude on weeknights.. but it makes traveling thru traffic to make the show on time, nearly a feat short of a miracle.. show time on the ticket was listed at 7:45pm.. i picked my tickets up at Will Call AT 7:45..and proceeded thru the gates toward the show.. i was stopped at the gates and told i couldnt bring my WALLET into the show as it had a metal chain..after having the nice overweight bald security guard use pliers to cut the chain on my wallet.. i tore away pissed off only to find that WEEN was already on the stage.. i found my seat and tried to enjoy the show.. but after my experience with the venue security.. i found it really hard.. and I REALLY LIKE WEEN.. after a few songs i began to get into it.. as WEEN seemed to be having a great time.. they played 10 songs that i got to see.. traveling the spectrum of thier talents with country diddies like "Wavin' My Dick in the Wind" or power rock anthems like "Dr Rock".. or the wicked boogie funk blues of "VooDoo Lady" with Dean Ween tearing the mean Hendrix-esque guitar licks into the room...WEEN ROCKS.. if you havent seem them.. DO IT.. next there was this choir of little kids.. like 10 year olds.. no really!.. and they sang "Whip It" (DEVO) and "Blister in the Sun"(Violent Femmes).. i only caught brief glimpses of this though as i was headed towards the drink line.. in the drink line i ran into MARK ADKINS from GUTTERMOUTH.. and also i saw MIKE LOUHRMAN from THE STITCHES too.. by the time i made it back to my seat the VIOLENT FEMMES were on the stage.. ....yawn.. they really had a hard time finding ANY sort of energy level as far as live performances go.. i was really not that impressed.. they gave my girlfriend a really bad headache.. i think they might be better if it was an outdoor show.. or if it was a tiny little smokey bar club.. but in a room the size of the Universal Ampitheater.. they just could not make it work.. at least for me anyways.,. during the next break there was a group of guys in BIG HAIR WIGS. .they were called something like "Metalheadica" .. and they danced around acted out a mock performance to Quiet Riot's "Metal Health" (Bang your head!) was very funny.. they were poking fun at Glam 80's metal right down to the one armed drummer joke.. finally the lights came down, a large screen was lowered.. and a video introduction into the world of DEVO began.. some guy in a chair giving documentry like comments welcoming us all to the show.. and then a barrage of clips of DEVO videos from the last 20 years rolled by on the screen .. and then the screen was lifted and DEVO took the stage.. they came on in their traditional yellow jump suit uniforms.. opened with "That's Good".. and fell into an amazing set ..on fire with mostly tunes from thier first 2 albums.. only a few songs from thier legendary 3rd LP were played.. "Whip it", "Girl U Want", and the end of thier set was "Gates of Steel" .. but they churned out ALL the old stuff "Gut Feeling" "Mongiloid" "Blockhead" "Satisfaction" "Mr DNA" "Are We Not Men" in the middle of "Are We Not Men" they tore off thier jumpsuits and did the rest of the show in black tshirts, black shorts and knee pads.. they were incredible.. a powerhouse of a band.. DEVO are simply outstanding as musicians and command the stage as performers.. the addition to thier line up of JOSH from the VANDALS on drums made an already great band, sound wild and tight with freshness.. they encored with a new song that DEVO dedicated to LINDA TRIPP.. it was called "Mountains of Filth" and thier final song for the night was "Beautiful World" with Boogie Boy, the DEVO mascot, doing the lead vocals.. it was show of brilliance.. DEVO are entertainment. After the show, with some help from friends at Nitro Records, i made it backstage and said hullo to most of DEVO.. and basiclly hung out and had free beer with fun people like EXENE CERVENKA, ANDY SUMMERS, DAVE GROHL, members of NO DOUBT, KROQ DJ's.. ect.. it was party..a good party.. lots of fun people to frolic and play with..i met the "lead vocalist" for Metalheadica... but i never got to say hullo to GENE WEEN and congradulate him on his new baby girl.. way to go Gener!
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