Out of Our Silence
[1998 ALM Publications & Recordings]

Seriously though, this disc is simply marvalous. Lou Malandra is a smiling hipster, who has comprehensivly combined two very distinct classics: JAZZ and VERSE.. a new idea? not really.. but the way it is done, is just so sweet and eloquent...a combonation of poetry and jazz Malandra calls "POEJAZZ". The disc starts with a reciting of the title poem, written and delivered by Malandra..a wonderful poem celebrating the simplicty of life's silences and the music of it.. and then it flows into sweet jazz music of Miles Davis rendered by the trio's rythym section of Doug Roche and Ron Bland, soon Malandra is dancing verbaly over the groove these cats are laying down..and this disc switches quick to something really special and way too cool for just any 'ol day.. this is one of those lazy sunday night, loungin' on the porch, type grooves.. and then Malandra pushes the hip meter a little higher and he slips into delivering words of other poets.. as if they were his this style that would make Kerouac himself smile and tap his foot in the groove. This disc is filled with classic poetry. Words from T.S.Elliot, Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou, Malanda himself, and others..(even Robert Frost)..each delivered in a true be-bop/beat style and interplayed with the sweet jazz of a piano and bass duo. The overall feel of this disc is similar to the most recent Bob Holman release. But where Holman's release is too over produced and filled with sound effects and multiple instrumentation...this disc shows how to really send the message of POEJAZZ home with sublime simplicity. (ALM Publications & Recordings, 5510 S. Curtice St., LIttletown,CO 80120)

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