5" vinyl single
[1998 Vermiform Records]

1st off, this is a 5" record...not a regular single..imagine a record, a piece of vinyl, the size of a to get your turntable with auto-return to try and play it..good luck. SAM McPHEETERS (the former vocalist for East Coast punk band BORN AGAINST, and currently for MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT) takes us on a patriotic stroll as the early American colonial Patrick Henry (The record says copyright 1776!!) in a speech addressing the House and President George Washington. This spoken word release is very unique. The speech, supposedly written by Henry, touches on the subjects of freedom, slavery, and revolution...and it is delivered in such a way to have complete relation to current and modern America. This is not a poetic release.. more of a dramatic interpretation on an old theme. The other side of this release is by a band called THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, and it is very lo-fi garage rock with some electronics thrown in for texture.. sorta sounds like early Cramps meets early Devo. The singer is so lost in a tube of echoes that the only words i could make out was "..we're all monsters here..". This is an odd record. (Vermiform Records POBox 12065, Richmond, VA 23241)

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