these are various reviews of events or releases written by Lob, that have appeared somewhere in some publication, and are reprinted here. These reviews are Lob's opinion and do not reflect the opinions of the publications in which they originally appeared.

* DEVO/WEEN/VIOLENT FEMMES Jan 21,1999 Universal Ampitheater,LA,CA reviewed for SKRATCH Magazine
* Miranda July/Binet-Simon Test CD
* Sam McPheeters-Catholic Church/Split 5" single
* The Lou Malandra Trio/Out of Our Silence CD
* Slim Moon/Won't You Dance With This Man CD
* Various Artists/KEROUAC-Kicks Joy Darkness CD
* Various Artists/Closed On Account Of Rabies 2xCD
* Jello Biafra LIVE in Long Beach,CA 1997
* 1997 Nor Cal Experimental Music Festival- EVENT