Won't You Dance With This Man?
[1998 Kill Rock Stars]

Slim Moon at first listen, is a comedian.. and then you begin to be sucked in by the incredible variety of wild and crazy word art that pushes all boundries..and he very quickly rises to being a very good spoken word artist with an incredible sense of humor and style. The overpresence of "minimalism" in the recordings on this disc are amazing.. the uses of sounds and musics in very small doses holds your attention to the words which are easliy heard and understandable..which sometimes is tough to do when combining sounds with recorded words..but Slim Moon holds it all together really well.. Uses of track layers and background sounds reminds of early works by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin, but with much better equipment, and much much more humorous... yeah that's it..imagine a merging of Burrough's sarcasm and comedian Steven Wright's delivery and timing...(no really)... some of my favorite tracks are "Love To Drink" (with the musical line from The Door's "People are Strange" behind it), "The Black", the 80 line wild ride called "Counting Up".., and the opening track "Legion of Doom" ("..good doesnt really triumph over evil, it just postpones it"..). (and the plug for Sue P. Fox at the end it really nice of him too..) At the begining of the disc, Moon states that this is a collection of his works of the last 10 years or so, i hope it doesnt take 10 years 'til his next release, as this one is VERY FUNNY and really entertaining.. i listen to it alot..

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