m u r r a y


MURRAY was formed in the year 2001. It was a good year for some.. for us it was okay.. we started a band. In the early summer of 2001 CHRISTINE PALMA of Los Angeles based radio KXLU FM 89.9 contacted G.Murray Thomas and asked him to do an appearance on her spoken word based radio show called "Echo in the Sense". He agreed but had no real time in his work schedule to actually go there and appear.. so after a short discussion he suggested that she come to his place and record something there to broadcast at a later date.. AND he would get some musicians to play too.. and it would be something worthy of broadcasting.. and so it was decided.. Murray called LOB from INSTAGON.. and his roomate DENNIS LANSING.. and MIKE WEINTRAUB former drummer of THE CLAMS.. and we got together and layed down some fat grooves. At the end of the session.. Christine said, "You guys are GREAT.. you should be a band!!" and we all said, "yeah.. lets be a BAND!!" .. and that is how the MURRAY was formed. In the spring of 2002 after much discussion and namecalling it was decided that MURRAY would go the way of the Eagles and other fine rock bands like them, and add a second guitar player... so SEAN CAMPEAU from Wackee's Clubhouse was recruited and drafted into the mishmash we call music..then.. in 2003 after unpleasentness, we had to ask Dennis to stop playing with us.. and so once again we became a quartet rock band ready to kick ass on any damn stage in the universe..

Recently in 2004 Mike has become busy and not been able to play with us as much as we like.. so we have added a 2nd / stand by drummer, CARY PEALER, from the Instagon Family of players.. Cary was able to pick up our groove within ONE practice session, and we feel he can do the job.

below is a list of shows that we have done so far.. this list will grow.. at least we hope so.. .

09-18-04 - ODD JAM 04, Long Beach,CA - - (sean and murray performned acousticly as a duo)
06-09-04 - ALTA COFFEE HOUSE, Newport Beach,CA
05-08-04 - LOBAPALUZA! @ LIQUID DEN, Huntington Beach,CA
01-11-04 - aArt Salon Space, Place of Balance Yoda Studio, Anahiem Hills,CA
11-19-03 - QUE SERA, Long Beach,CA
08-05-03 - COBALT CAFE, Canoga Park, CA
07-23-03 - QUE SERA, Long Beach,CA
01-26-03 - LIQUID DEN, Huntington Beach,CA
08.14.02 - Mona Jean's Party, Highland Park,CA
06.04.02 - GYPSY DEN, Costa Mesa, CA
05.16.02 - LAGUNA BEACH BREW PUB, Laguna Beach, CA
01.27.02 - BLUE CAFE, Long Beach, CA
01.06.02 - KNITTING FACTORY, Hollywood, CA
12-01 - FRIAR TUCK'S, Pomona, CA
9-15-01 - CLAMSHELL, Long Beach, CA (KXLU FM "Echo In The Sense" Broadcast recording)