by AARON KRATEN (Cookville,TN) -
AARON KRATEN is from Cookville,TN. Well, actually Aaron is FROM Costa Mesa, CA...but now he lives in Tennessee. Aaron is someone that was part of the Instagon scene back in the 1990's .. and actually played with Instagon 6 times during 1996. ..and so my first interaction with him was mainly as an electronics sound artist, of which he is also very talented...but then I discovered his visual art and I was blown away.. he is an amazing artist that uses non traditional elements and methods to come up with some really amazing and striking visual work. His art is very POP and has strong pop culture presence, but also an obvious influence from the graffiti art culture. He works mostly in mixed media on wood or canvas, without brushes, using unconventional methods. He says he enjoys incorporating his surroundings into his finished pieces and the results are always exciting. Aaron has a HUGE collection of work, and currently works as a full time artist, so new pieces are being created continually He also has designed record covers for bands, cups for coffee houses, skateboards, and has shown art at Orange County Museum of Art, Laguna Beach Art Museum, MOCA, and other galleries in Southern California. He has a website with art and drawings for sale, and a gallery of past works too at: You are encouraged to explore!

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