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by MATTHEW WALDRON (Hillsboro,OR) - irrappext.com

This month's design comes from Hillsboro,Oregon...and the mind of the artist MATTHEW WALDRON.

Matthew is an amazing artist...he does some of the most twisted and surreal visual art that I have seen in the past 20 years ...but besides being an high caliber visual artist...he also does sound art.. and that is how our paths actually crossed.. Matt does a sound projected called IRR APP.EXT and he has released a number of albums and singles with this project. He is also a semi regular/reoccurring member of the project NURSE WITH WOUND. Now anyone that knows ME, will testify that Nurse With Wound is probably one of my favorite bands/sound projects in the world. I am a GIANT fan and really truly love the work that Steven Stapleton does with whomever he does it with...one of those people is Matthew Waldron. I discovered Matthew and his own music, and his art thru NWW. And from the moment I discovered it, it was mesmerizing and engaging...both his visual pieces and his sound pieces. He knows how to put together very well structured compositions in surreal and abstract formats in a way that very much grabs your attention and makes you focus on it. When I asked Matt to be part of the Sticker Club roster he was excited..but not sure if his style would really carry over well for a sticker.. and we discussed it and I convinced him to try and we would see how it comes out. I think that the piece he has done for this months design represents his personality as an artist very well and also makes for a bitchen sticker too! I am really excited by having this design out as June 2015 design for our club, it is super awesome!!
Matt has AMAZING art for sale.. and fantastic audio releases and I highly recommend you take the time to visit his website and see just what I am talking about at: www.irrappext.com .

these are LIMITED EDITION .. one run only ... only 150 of THIS design were printed...exclusively available thru the TIF Sticker club.

Every month we invite an artist to create a design for our sticker club. Our stickers are printed on high quality vinyl, are weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor placement.

When you join the TIF Sticker club, we will send you three of each new design monthly, for a year! (36 stickers)
The Stickers Club is a great way to support independent art and makes a great gift!








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