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by Lob Instagon (Sacramento,CA) - www.tif.org/lob

This year's final design comes from the sticker club founder, Sacrametno based conceptual artist, LOB INSTAGON

When I first started doing things as a collective of creative minds called "Thee Instagon Foundation" in 1993, I really didnt think about what we would be doing 23 years later..but I am still having fun making art, music, poetry, and helping to create situations for others to work with me and with my notion of Collaboarative Magickal Interaction. The TIF Sticker Club is an extension of that ideal, giving artists a new medium to play with, & club memebers access to exclusive art.
"Hydracopus" is a mash up creature of my conception.. head of a Hydra, body of an Octopus.. it cannot be stopped.. cut off an arm, it grows back...cut of a head, more grow in it's place. It's an ultimate beast. I have used this creature before for other art projects .. it appeared in black & white previously on the cover of an issue 23 TODAY by the Automous Indivduals Network. This is the first time it has been done in color. - Lob

Lob has been published in numberous publications, has show art at VOX Gallery, Blue Lamp, Java Lounge, Bows & Arrows, & Asylum Galleries in Sacramento,CA.. as well as a solo show at Thought Crime in Phoenix ,AZ (2001). He has been doing collaborative, conceptual art with Thee Instagon Foundation AND the sound art/band project called INSTAGON since 1993.

these are LIMITED EDITION .. one run only ... only 150 of THIS design were printed...exclusively available thru the TIF Sticker club.

Every month we invite an artist to create a design for our sticker club. Our stickers are printed on high quality vinyl, are weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor placement.

When you join the TIF Sticker club, we will send you three of each new design monthly, for a year! (36 stickers)
The Stickers Club is a great way to support independent art and makes a great gift!

what it looks like on my clipboard!!








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