by Lacey LaPointe (Sacramento,CA) -

This Month we would like to introduce you to LACEY LAPOINTE from Sacramento,CA...who besides being a talented artist, musician, and dog whisperer, is also my roommate! So this month's sticker was designed here “in house”, so to speak! I first met Lacey about 5 or 6 years back when she was playing cello with a darkwave project from Camino,CA called NOISEPSALM who are very cool. We are friends from the noise/sound art community. .... A few years later, when I was looking for a room to rent.. Lacey happened to have one.. and so I have discovered her art.. but not only her art.. but also the art of her blind dog Marco. Marco is the working painter in our house, She has a style of her own and has created quite a reputation for herself as a local artist. Visit them on Facebook at “Blind Dog Studios” to find out more about her art. Lacey's sticker design this month features some of Marco's art as the back ground for her design “Eclissi”. Lacey has been a HUGE supporter of the Sticker Club project and a member since it started...and I see her art here at home every day, so its really great to share her art with the rest of the club. - Lob, TIF.ORG

This design is limited to only 150 stickers printed.

Every month we invite an artist to create a design for our sticker club. Our stickers are printed on high quality vinyl, are weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor sticking.

When you join the 2016 club, we will send you three of each 2016 design! (36 stickers).. join now and get all of the designs this year so far NOW.. and each additional design as they are released.

The Stickers Club is a great way to support independent art and makes a great gift!








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