by Rikk Agnew (Los Angeles, CA) - www.facebook.com/rikk.agnew.5

I have been excited about the coming of this sticker for a few months now, ever since it was confirmed it was gonna happen....and THEN I got the art work in the mail.. and I was even more excited.. and NOW I am just exstatic to share with you... THIS MONTH.. the design we have come from Orange County, CA Punk Rock Royalty.. .the one and only RIKK AGNEW.
Rikk and I became friends in the mid 1990's, but I have been listening to him play guitar since I first learned was punk rock WAS in the early 1980's. He was the founding guitarist of The Adolescents, D.I., Christian Death, Poop, and others. In MY opinion, he has contributed more to the "Orange County Punk Rock Sound" than probably any other individual person...his tone and his style of playing have been copied by literally hundreds of bands. I have been blessed to include Rikk as a member of my project, Instagon, He has played with Instagon a number of times (as recently as last Winter!) and we wrote a surf song together called "Thruster" that appeared on The Hostage Situation CD Compilation in 2000 on Hostage Records. These days heis touring with "The Rikk Agnew Band" playing shows with the love of his life, Gitane Demone, and has a new album coming out on Frontier Records (the label that released the first Adolescents album) in the Fall called "Learn". .
This Sticker design was a total surprise! I noticed in the early part of this year that Rikk was posting photos of some of his art to his Facehook account ....and so really on a whim I asked if he wanted to do a sticker design for our club, and to my surprise he said YES!! .. and then I got the design in the mail , titled "Bugaboo Boo" ..and it RULES!! I hope you think so too! I really have no idea what else Rikk is doing with his art .. not sure if he has any shows, or plans for other visual releases.. but if you like this and wanna ask him about doing something for you.. or when you can see more of his art.. then contact him via his FB page and ask.. but be patient.. he is on tour a lot.. and may not be able to get to you right away. www.facebook.com/rikk.agnew.5

This design is limited to only 150 stickers printed.

Every month we invite an artist to create a design for our sticker club. Our stickers are printed on high quality vinyl, are weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor sticking.

When you join the 2016 club, we will send you three of each 2016 design! (36 stickers).. join now and get all of the designs this year so far NOW.. and each additional design as they are released.

The Stickers Club is a great way to support independent art and makes a great gift!








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