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by Gitane Demone(Los Angeles, CA) -

THIS MONTH our featured artist is GITANE DEMONE a singer, songwriter, musician, and visual artist from Los Angeles, CA.. She is probably best well known for being part of CHRISTIAN DEATH and also Pompeii 99 in the 1980's.. I first got to know her in the 90's when she was making vocal noises with my friend Steve Davis' project +DOG+.. She is a wonderfully charming lady with a great ability to create some really spooky art..all with a delightfully wicked smile. She has released at least 10 albums of music over her career, many of which feature her artwork as part of the packaging. She is currently hanging out with her fiance Rikk Agnew (last months artist) as part of his musical assault on the planet, THE RIKK AGNEW BAND.. they have a new album out this month called “Learn” on Frontier Records.
Gitane can be found easily on Facebook... and she has music available at

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