by Scott Ferry (Longwood, FL) -

THIS MONTH.. we start off the new year also with a returning artist, SCOTT FERRY from Longwood, FL. ! Scott designed a sticker for the club during our first year (design 009, Sept.2015) that was beautifully spooky (its still one of my personal favorites) and he also included a 2nd design as well. That design has been waiting ..and now we are happy to bring you it to start off this new year. Scott is originally from Southern California...which is where I met him and how we began our interaction. I met Scott in the 1990's through mutual friends involved with esoteric art and magick, He contributed some black & white pieces to an early TIF art zine called “Thee Never Ending Page” (era 1990's)..& I bought a couple of small pieces from him at a show I saw in Santa Monica in the 1990s too.. He also participated in a group show I curated in Sacramento in 2006 called Sacramento Sound/Art Festival and we have been pretty good friends; interacting and discussing creative ideas for a number of years now. His work has shown in galleries across the USA and in Canada as both solo and group shows... He has 2 published volumes of art, the most recent is “Malicious Delicious” from 2012. His art and writings have appeared in a few selective publications, including Chaoshere Magazine.. and I am very happy to include him as one of the Sticker Club artists.. you can find his work and more what he is currently doing at :

This design is limited to only 100 stickers printed.

Every month we invite an artist to create a design for our sticker club. Our stickers are printed on high quality vinyl, are weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor sticking.

The Stickers Club is a great way to support independent art and makes a great gift!
When you join the 2016 club, we will send you three of each 2016 design! (36 stickers).. join now and get all of the designs this year so far NOW.. and each additional design as they are released. ..









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