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this month we are happy to present to you a very cool and cute sticker design by KEVIN SECONDS from Sacramento, CA. Kevin Seconds was born in Sacramento but his family moved to Reno, NV and in the early 80's.. he and his brother Steve formed the legendary punk rock band 7 SECONDS. I first heard 7 Seconds on the “Not So Quiet On the Western Front” compilation record on Alternative Tentacles records. It was one of those punk rock collections that everyone had if you were into punk rock at that time. Comps were a great was to find out about new bands, and thats how I heard 7 Seconds.. I was not really into the whole “straight edge' they were not really a band on my radar at all. But I was aware of them.. I saw them play a show once.. they were fun. Fast forward to the late 1990s.. I was part of the NOISE community by that time.. and coming to Sacramento for Norcal Noisefest. Kevin had moved back to Sac.. he and his beautiful wife, Allyson, opened a coffee shop.. and Noise Fest was happening there! So I got to meet Kevin and hang out with him and spend sometime getting to know him.. and damn it, HE is a damn swell person.. always real.. ready to tell you how he feels about it.. no matter what it is. He does not hold back..and I like that in a person.. Since I moved to Sacramento in 2005.. he has become more of a friend that just someone I know in a band..and that is cool. He plays solo acoustic gigs regularly in town and tours as well.. he also still plays with 7 Seconds too . And they tour all over the world.. and when he is home is is a Lyft driver.. artist, husband, musician, man about town and all around good egg. A few years ago I started seeing posts on social media of small pieces of art that Kevin was doing and selling. He posts them on his website, and also has them available at his live shows. His art was very cute and quirky and people seem to really enjoy them when it posts them. (as they generally sell pretty quickly) When I first had the idea of the Sticker Club.. Kevin was one of those person's who came to mind that it would be great to have him involved.. and so I waited until the project was off the ground and approached him and was really delighted he agreed to design a sticker for our club. This sticker is very cute and silly.. and its very much the type of art that Kevin does on a regular basis...although he tends to really like painting owls or robots a lot.
You can see more of Kevin's work and even purchase some for your own collection at his page at Big Cartel:

This design is limited to 150 stickers printed.

Every month we invite an artist to create a design for our sticker club. Our stickers are printed on high quality vinyl, are weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor sticking.

The Stickers Club is a great way to support independent art and makes a great gift!
When you join the 2017club, we will send you three of each 2017 design! (36 stickers).. join now and get all of the designs this year so far NOW.. and each additional design as they are released. ..








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