Rust Face
by Lob (Sacramento, CA) -

This month's design comes from the sticker club founder, Sacrametno based conceptual artist, LOB INSTAGON

When I first started doing things as a collective of creative minds called "Thee Instagon Foundation" in 1993, I really didnt think about what we would be doing 25 years later..but here we are, and I am still having fun making art, music, poetry, and helping to create situations for others to work with me and with my notion of Collaboarative Magickal Interaction. The TIF Sticker Club is an extension of those ideas, giving artists a new medium to play with, & club memebers access to exclusive art.

Rust Face is an image that was done by mirroring an image using photoshop of a photo taken of a rust stain on a metal pole in a parking lot at the post office in Shingle Springs, CA. Sometimes i like to take photos of rust stains because they have their own odd patterns and organic aspect to how they grow and spread. This pole had been painted yellow..but the rust had still found its way to purge the paint and create something that caught my attention. I took that photo and then opened it up in photoshop and did some magick with the texture of the image and then when playing with the mirroring aspect discovered this face. I have used it a few times for posters for a few gigs by changing the colors around..but this is how it originally looked. - Lob

Lob has been published in numberous publications, and he has shown art in Sacrametno at SHINE, Cafe Colonial, VOX Gallery, Blue Lamp, Java Lounge, Bows & Arrows, & Asylum Galleries.... as well as a solo show at Thought Crime Gallery in Phoenix ,AZ (2001), and part of group shows in Hollywood, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, & Santa Ana in the 1990's . He has been doing collaborative, conceptual art with Thee Instagon Foundation AND the sound art/band project called INSTAGON since 1993.

these are LIMITED EDITION .. one run only ... only 150 of THIS design were printed...exclusively available thru the TIF Sticker club.

Every month we invite an artist to create a design for our sticker club. Our stickers are printed on high quality vinyl, are weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor sticking.

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