Thee Word Thing Reading FAQ
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How does the open mic reading work? Is there a limit on how many poems one can read?

Open mic readers may read 4 poems or for 7 minutes, whichever comes first. We usually go through half of the signup sheet before the feature, and the rest after the feature. The signup sheet remains open during the entire reading if time permits....

Are there restrictions on content?


Do I have to read my own work?

No. You may read any poetry that moves you to want to share it.

May I read prose pieces?

You can read anything you like as long as you stay timely.. if you start to go too long you will lose the crowd and will be told to finish it up.

How long is the feature?

20-30 minutes.

How do I get to The Liquid Den?

Please see our Location and Directions page, or go to the Liquid Den website and click the directions link there.
If you need additional directions, please click here to tell us where you are coming from (literally).

The Liquid Den is a bar, right?

Yes, the Liquid Den is a beer and wine bar (Drink Beer!) and because of this NO ONE under 21 is allowed at this reading

* a number of these FAQ were taken from the Redondo Poets web site.. we thank them for compiling this information.