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Review by LitRave:
Liquid Den 8.4.03

At long last! A poetry reading in a dark, seedy bar. This is the way it was meant to be, folks: me with a beer in my hand, listening to poetry and playing pool! Bliss.

No espresso machines spurting loudly, no students studying in the back, no yuppies asking, "what is that?" when they hear a poem. No, No, no. Instead it there is the pok-pok-pok of the balls ricocheting on the table, Larry Colker laughing as I lose again, and words, words, words of the poets going out to people who actually seem to get it.

Oh, yes, there is a host named Lob.

Support this venue! Or start one of your own just like it. Poetry, pool and beer - yes! This is a good thing. I likes. I likes a lot.

Lob: Twinkle; Poetry is Taxing; What are we doing?...; Cannabis Cloud
Rafael Moreno; Beauty is the curse; Your Voice Burns; "Maybe you should just kill yourself"; Eternity; For you to treasure and keep; Untitled
Larry Colker: Another Poem about Vandals; Vandal Sex; Work; Under the Big Top; Statue
Charlotte O'Brien: The Disclaimer; The Bar at Folies Bergere; Beta Fish; November's Crescent
June Melby (Feature #1); Orange Jellies in the Aquarium; "I have friends ... fish"; Ode to a Sand Dollar; "What is it about babies?"; "Egg on Face"; "Ick/Yum"; "Foreign Movie"; "Khki"; Cheese; "I contradict myself"; The Grapes of Wrap; Brown Paper Bags; Birds and Butterflies; Paramesia
Brendan Constantine (Feature #2): The Year Zero; The Second Poem; Poem at Vespers Forbidding Television; Unsung Cheese; Apocryphal Poems; Study of an Ant Dragging a _______ Moth; My Brother is a Booger; The Golden Library ...; Cartwheels; Psalm of my Mouth; American Political Form Poem; Wake
Elizabeth Iannaci: The Intruder; Lettuce; Staring at a Painting of a Window; From my Window; Fourth Floor Terrace; Eating Friday's Cornbread; Forgiveness; Elegy
Wayman Barnes: Corporate Coffee; The Saltiest Meat
Doc Punk: [Unfortunately, I was in the john. Missed the title]
Charles Ardinger: Poem #3; No2 Self Portrait; YOurs
Jessica: [Believe it or not, Jessica bailed.]
Yon: [Unfortunately, I went in search of Jessica to let her know that she was missing her turn and ended up, somehow, in my car. Apologies to any poets I may have missed.]

Liquid Den
Mondays 8:30(More like 9:15)
5061 Warner Ave
Huntington Beach, CA