What is "Thee Word Thing" ??

Thee Word Thing,
is a weekly spoken word / open mic happening for Adults.. it's for adults because it happens in a BAR where we drink beer and minors are not allowed.. (that way we can talk about them all we like). We as a adults, we need a place, a mic, a stage .. to vent and have our venting heard and cheered on.. or laughed at, or boo'ed.. whatever.. we need a place to interact on an intelligent and intimate level with other creative adults.. this is why Thee Word Thing still exsits and continues on..

... but it wasnt always that way..

(history lesson):

THEE WORD THING has grown to become one of thee longest running poetry series in Orange County history. It has done this by taking time off every 4 years or so to wait for new fresh word artists and poets and to find a new location.. New locations keep this reading from becoming stagnet and boring.. Thee Word Thing has also grown to this by the will and determination of it's original, only and long time host, LOB from Thee Instagon Foundation.

Thee Word Thing was originally a weekly reading at a coffee house in Huntington Beach,CA called Jam's. It was established in 1993. At this time it was hosted by Lob and co-hosted by Justin Cline aka OPUS 23. The Word Thing continued at Jams until 1995 sometime.

In 1994, Thee Word Thing started a 2nd weekly reading in Costa Mesa,CA at The Gypsy Den. .. it too was hosted by Lob.. and was co-hosted by Adam "Danni" Bonnaducci. for a brief time. Also Natalie Giaconne tried her hand at co-hosting for a spell too. . but eventually only Lob survived and hosted 2 weekly readings.. Eventually Lob gave this venue to Lee Mallory, OC Poetry Host and self proclaimed "love god", who still hosts a monthly series there currently called, "The Factory Reading".

In 1996, Thee Word Thing decided to try a run in Los Angeles at the Impala Cafe.. this reading lasted until that venue closed.. it was a very wonderful and special time and space.. we miss it dearly. This reading lasted until the venue closed.. it was in Downtown LA near MOCA

in 1997.. it was time to hibernate.. and so we did.. and in 1998 we crept back into the scene..

In late 1998,. thee Word Thing found a new home in Costa Mesa, Ca at CLUB MESA.. unlike all of the past incarnations of the reading, this time it was in a Bar.. the only reading at the time of its kind.. all other open mic readings in OC at this time were strictly in coffee houses and art spaces.. this was raising the level to a point of words and poetry as pure entertainment.. something to go out to the bar and experience.. The Club Mesa reading was phenomenal in so many ways.. we could be LOUD, and stay up late.. and drink and be merry with our words.. we could have bands play if we wanted.. we could have hip hop we could have veteran poets.. it was a home and we were treated well.. Thee Word Thing at Club Mesa lasted until the venue was sold in the spring of 2001.. and so with regret and saddness.. Thee Word Thing once again went into the resting and waiting period looking for a new place to call home and have a place for adults to share words in..

in 2003, the brother of the original co host,OPUS23, HIS BROTHER.. Jim Cline is the owner of The Liquid Den.. after months of asking and trying to get LOB back into the word scene.. he was successful.. and so .. THEE WORD THING has been resurected.. we will go.. until there is no more mic for us to speak into.. and then we will rest until there is another mic.. you cannot keep us down.. we are here .. we are here to do THEE WORD THING.

Long Beach, Ca. June 2003