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Last night ROCKED!.. thanks so much to our feature YOD!.. thanks to all the new faces that came out and joined us last night, and the old favorites too...(G.Murray Thomas, Charles & Phish Ardinger, Lady Jessica, Doc Monk, and others.) also it was GREAT to see Gregorio McDonald in for a visit at our new space. Here are some other comments i got in the Email this morning about last night: -/\-
Lob, I hope that you are well. I am tired but I feel good. Thank you again for the opportunity to read last night.
Thank you for spreading your magic around. I had a great time. It was wonderful to see so many of my friends together at one place.
I hope that your day progresses nicely.
peas and glove, - Sean "Yod" Campeau
HI, Lob. Last night was superb poetry reading. What a variety.
You really drew a great crowd. Glad to see that. Hope to have
something the next time. Recovering from New York and my
broken wrist, so the muse has been avoiding the aura of pain. Ha.
Thanks. Shirley

So here we are into the 5th month of this reading in the new space..and we keep on going. Last night DANIEL McGINN did his make-up reading (after canceling on us last month).. and he was GREAT.. He read ALOT of new pieces that he has written this year.. and one or two old favorites. It was really great to see him and he seemed to be happy to be reading to a room of new listeners.. Also lately, RENE, who used to be a regular at our old space, Club Mesa, has been making appearances fairly regularly.. it has been great to see him as well.
Last week we had a visit from MIKE McGEE from San Jose.. he is the current National Individualists Slam Champion..and he showed us why! It was an incredible reading filled with tons of energy , deep serious emotions, and outrageous humor.. Mike took us on a ride with his words and we just hung on and listened.. other names in the room that week were G.Murray Thomas, Mindy Nettifee, plus our continually growing crowd of regulars. Now that we are hitting the colder part of the year, it becomes harder to get people to come out and particpate in a reading.. dont let that be YOU.. please continue to come out and support local poets and live spoken word artists..thanks -/\-

Another few weeks have gone by and the reading keeps happening!! We have had some STUPENDOUS readings in the last few weeks.. JEAN MARIE SPICUZZA was fabulous last week.. JACK McCARTHY was awsome as always.. G.MURRAY THOMAS without his band was great. And that is only been the last 2 weeks.. at the top of August JUNE MELBY and BRENDAN CONSTANTINE were outrageous and fun... Another out rageous poet, EIRIK OTT aka BIG POPPA E was scheduled to read this coming monday, 9/8/03 and he has had some trouble at home and on the road.. (a close friend passed away, and gigs not coming thru that were comfirmed..) and because of such he has canceled his appearance with BROKEN WORD that we were supposed to see this monday.. we WILL still be having an open mic and invite everyone to attend. -/\-

well.. it has been a few weeks and the reading seems to be doing fine..we could use some more ears though.... last week's feature RICK LUPERT was awsome and funny as usual. He arrived early and with his new fiannce!! Congrats to Rick on the engagement. He also has a new book!. The week before that MICHAEL PAUL was soft spoken and intense as ever with new poems and some old ones too.. plus MONA JEAN CEDAR was silently verbal with her unique blend of words and sign language.. HARLEY MANSON from the HAVE NOT'S was so impressed, he said she was the best spoken word artist he has ever seen! .. the week before that at the end of June.. we had CARLYE ARCHIBEQUE and FRANCEYE.. this reading has been our best turn out so far.. it was great to see so many readers and so many new faces in the crowd as well.. we hope you all come out on a regular basis and support our reading.. tomorrow night we have POETRI.. come out and see us..

Last night's reading was alot of fun. It was our opening night at our new space, THE LIQUID DEN, and alot of old friends came out to support this 1st night back in Huntington Beach. Our Features, MINDY NETTIFEE and RACHEL KANN were incredible.. they are old friends and have never had a feature together.. they decided to combine thier reading time and do a "round robin" type reading starting with Rachel doing one of Mindy's poems.. and then onward into a great double feature. Friends in the house included Charles & Phish Ardinger, Next Magazine's G.Murray Thomas, J.Paul Wilson from the band THE WORLD, Jake from THE TAINT, and readings from Lady Jessica, Yod, Brenda Martinez, and Doc Monk.
It was a swell night and we hope for twice as much fun next week. - - - LOB -/\-